Sunday, November 26, 2006

Winners to Errors: 1st Set

Talk About Tennis (TAT) talks about Elena Dementieva in a famous Russian pop star's music video.
Men's Tennis Forums features a great thread that includes a 2006 Year End Review in pictures with some hilarious captions from forum members.
The Sydney Morning Herald has an interesting in-depth feature on Gavin Hopper and his daughters Jade and Skyler who plan on being the next Williams sisters. Or maybe that's their father's dream. But if these youngsters fulfill any part of that dream, Tennis Australia will have someone to boast about, even if it hasn't been able to give Jade, the eldest, much help. [src]
Xtreme tennis news alerts tennis fans that many of YouTube's cherished tennis highlights may already be missing. Since Google acquired the popular do-it-yourself video site, YouTube has been deleting copyrighted material from the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. No more Sampras Federer Wimbledon 2001 highlights?


savannah said...

Craig why does that Hopper article leave me queasy? It has nothing to do with the tennis aspirations of Hopper's daughters but with Hopper himself. The article is like "Here are these two blond haired blue eyed cash machines with a pedophile for a father but aren't they so adorable?"
I can't wait for IMG to white wash his story.

Craig Hickman said...

savannah, you've said a mouthful. I linked it because I wanted to see what others thought. I had the same reaction you did.

brooklyn1006 said...

Very queasy. The article minimized the sex crime and made it seem like the daughters were the victims. Gimme a break.

Another pervert, Svengali-type father. Perfect for the WTA (and I'm not kidding).