Sunday, November 26, 2006

Winners to Errors: 2nd Set

Guardian Unlimited - "Without Prejudice" - A glorious article profiling the courage of Amélie Mauresmo, the only OUT lesbian singles player on the WTA tour. Amélie talks candidly and vulnerably about what she calls her maladresse in coming out, her father's death, and what it took to overcome her demons and finally win a Slam (or two).

BBC Sport - Tennis Australia has accused the LTA of offering large sums of money to lure coaching staff to the struggling British tennis program. Has Brad Gilbert already proved to be unworthy of his outrageous salary? Paul Annacone is expected to take up the post as head of men's tennis. But wait: there's more.

Turkish Press published a post-Shanghai profile of James Blake who feels confident that he can win a slam in 2007. That is, if he can do something about that Roger Federer.

Fox Sports - And about that Rajah: In a special to Fox Sports, Matt Cronin writes about how Federer's dominance threatens to ruin interest in the men's game. More idol worship from Blake. Will he ever stop?

The Wichita Eagle - Brenda Schultz-McCarthy talks about her unlikely comeback to the WTA tour at age 35. She recently planned an exhibition in Wichita, Kansas, where former player and best friend Natasha Zvereva participated along with rising American Sam Querry and Andy Roddick, who she lured to the event through his mother Blanche.

Tennis Week ... and speaking of Andy Roddick...


sasha said...

I really enjoyed the Mauresmo article. What a great champion she has become. Better late than never.