Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Belgian Press Reams Justine

Justine Henin-Hardenne received the Belgian Sportswoman of the Year award. But she didn't show up to receive it, claiming that her training schedule in nearby Monaco kept her from making the trip.

The article is in French. My French sucks. So for those of you who want to read the original ream, click here.

Thanks to Oploskoffie, a global moderator over at TAT, here's a translation into English:

A champion with such pure talent and iron force will. A champion for whom the entire world envies us, and who, more than anyone, plainly deserves to claim the title of Sportswoman of the Year. To evoke the feats of JH, and especially the way she accomplished them should be therefore, in principle, a true pleasure.

Alas! Because of this tenacious grudge that persists under all circumstances and which prevents her from erasing bad memories which she judges to be injustices done to her, she condemns us, often, to talk about her in terms much less flattering than those which are usually mentioned with such accomplishments.

Her decision to pout yesterday, missing the gala affair to which the entire Belgian sporting world responded with smiles and pleasure, is an attitude completely without place. She reveals a lamentable small mind which goes poorly with the image that one usually associates with a champion.

And that Justine's not coming is because she claims she cannot be moved due to training. Nobody is fooled as to the real reasons that pushed her to want to humiliate those for whom she doesn't forgive her 4th place finish last year in the same vote. By reacting like she did yesterday, she showed herself to be even more stupid than those who, wrongly, hadn't voted for her.

If JH believes to have, thus, evened the score with such a grandiose snub of an organization for which she has so much hate, she is mistaken. But is this choice really hers? Is she negatively influenced by her entourage who, themselves more than her, think they must even the score? One certainty, her absence is nonetheless regrettable, and such a shame ...

Harsh? Well, there are at least two sides to every story. But Justine is well-known for being extremely selfish with her time. While some find selfishness a prerequisite for a champion with a healthy ego, especially in an individual sport, I often feel Justine crosses into narcissism.

Anyway, at least the US press isn't the only corps nasty to some of its champions.


MadProfessah said...

dayum, I am rolling on the floor laughing...

Somehow I doubt it would sound better in the original French, though the emphatic hand gestures that are subtextual would be included :)

Craig Hickman said...

Ha! I'm rolling with you right about now.