Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Guillermo Coria Aims for the Top


Guillermo Coria claims he is returning to form under new coach Hernan Gumy.

In November, Coria ended his season at a disappointing 116th place in the ATP rankings.

The former world number three told La Naciona newspaper: "I'm fine and I want to feel the adrenaline again."

After dispensing with Spanish coach Jose Higueras and Argentinian Horacio de la Pena, Coria believes Gumy is the right man.

"Hernan (Gumy) studies and analyses a lot," said Coria. "He has been watching a lot of videos of 2003, my best year.

"I want to get back to who I was in 2003 and then to do better than that. I'm feeling very comfortable, with a very different feeling to the one I had with other coaches."

Source: Sporting Life
I didn't realize GeeJay had fallen so far in the rankings. Tennis needs a few bad boys to stir the pot, and Coria always seemed primed for the role. I'd like to see Coria and Hewitt face off. And soon.


Vlad said...

I don't see him coming back to the top (i mean top 10 at least) with that bum shoulder. Since 2004 when he had operation, he hasn't been able to serve at all, and while Elena D. can get away without the serve on WTA, there is no way he can the job done on ATP with those issues.

Craig Hickman said...

Maybe it has healed with all the time away from competition.

We'll see.

I have to say, I liked him only slightly more than Lleyton Hewitt, but he added spice to the tour for sure.

Savannah said...

I saw Guille hitting on a practice court this past summer at the US Open. His arm looks dead. He was spraying serves all over the court.
He's had a ton of personal as well as physical issues to deal with.
Not a big fan of his but he was a very good player for a man his size.

Craig Hickman said...

Somehow, I feel that that Roland Garros loss destroyed him in every way.

But a Phoenix rises from its ashes.

Coria seems like a fighter to me.

But he's got to believe he can rise again to even have a chance, and it appears he does.

Savannah said...

I think that Rome Final against Nadal in 2005 is what destroyed him. That is one of the best matches I've ever seen. Coria hasn't been the same since.