Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nadal: ‘Treated Like Criminals’

Is Rafa the first top player on either tour to publicly criticize the sport’s anti-doping controls?

World number two Rafael Nadal says athletes are being treated “like criminals” over doping controls. The Spanish star said he underwent “16 or 17” tests this year, the last one at his home on Saturday.

“We are being treated like criminals, and this is something to take into account because I don't see politicians undergoing anti-doping controls or anything like it,” Nadal told DPA.

“I am simply one sportsman more. I accept the anti-doping controls but they seem to me to be exaggerated,” he said.

Nadal will travel to India on December 29 to prepare for the new season at the Chennai Open, ahead of the first major of the year, the Australian Open.

Source: EuroSport

And maybe I’m missing something here, but could someone clarify the sportsman/politician analogy for me, please?

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Anonymous said...

The link to the politicians was made by a journalist. He told a surprised Rafa about something that happened in Italy. Maybe somebody else can tell you more about this but an Italian tv show "Le Hiene" decided to surprise 50 politicians with a doping test and quite a few of them tested positive for cannabis and cocaine".

Craig Hickman said...

That clarifies matters a bit, but does anyone really care if politicians are smoking pot or snorting coke? I thought drug abuse, aide abuse, and a slew of other abuses were prerequisites for the job, quite frankly.