Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Link of Champions

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Associated Press - “Serena to voice animated queen.” How fitting.

The Guardian - “Serena’s triumph over tragedy a weepy classic.” I love melodrama.

New York Times - “After Times of Grief and Doubt, a Tennis Ace Is Hungry Again.” Note to the WTA: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Age - “Party pal Federer’s head spins over win.” Roger amazes himself. Again.

The Age (Again) - “Coach Roche says Roger has yet to reach his peak.” Talk About Tennis talks about it.

Times-Standard Online - “Who’s better?: Solving the Tiger/Federer debate.” What is there to debate, really?

International Herald Tribune - “Serena and Roger look to stay on the right path.” Anything is possible for Serena the Great and the Last King of Switzerland.


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