Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy New Year

2007 Year of the Fire Boar

Savannah brings in the Chinese New Year by applying Chinese astrology to the top players on the ATP and WTA tours.

Fun stuff.

Take a look.


Anonymous said...

Hi Savannah,

Good post, thanks. Did you predict Momo to get the Diamond racket? Today is the day of (Water) Sheep, her day.

Today start the year of Boar. Well, Kim is Water Boar. In the year of your sign, you don't usually get lucky:
Safin was injured for the most of 2003 (Sheep year).
Momo did really bad that year too.

Venus's worst lost at Wimby was 2004, Monkey year. Ferrero best year was 2003, then 2004 went down.

Federer's least GSs recently was 2005 (2, compared to 3 in 2004 and 2006)
Serena won AO 2005, but it was still in Monkey year. Later on she did really bad the whole year.
Myskina and Dementieva did best in 2004, and then going down in 2005.

Henin lost 3x GS final 2006, while she won more GS finals in previous years. Roddick didn't do as well either.

I'm myself a sheep, and 2003 was not a good year for me. 2004 was much better.


Savannah said...

I don't predict in that sense Lan. I try and put the information out there and let people draw their own conclusions.

I did do something with the Oz Open where I gave the edge to Fed with all else between the two men being equal because in Western astrology he's a Leo and in numerology he's an 8 and that was his day. I'm not comfortable enough with the Chinese system to do what you just did re Amelie.

As for Kim I think she's putting too much into her wedding. It's like she loses and it's okay because she's getting married. Gives me a bad feeling.