Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Tirade: Meet Richie Red Shoes

Q. This question has nothing to do with tennis. But did you see that in the magazine Le Point there was an article about Lagardere who denied the rumor about your relationship.

RICHARD GASQUET: I was absolutely not happy about that. This question has come back hundreds of times, and every time someone turns up saying, Oh, I have evidence. It is just bullshit. Neither him nor me are homosexuals. It's absolutely obvious.



jop said...

Those who protest the loudest.................
I have no evidence of Richie getting it on with other sweaty muscular men in the locker room, or where the gasquet racquet has been, but i do have eyes. Anyone with the slightest amount of 'gaydar' will pick richie out of this line up as the one most likely to enjoy the company of other men. Look at that 'butch' pose and then those shoes (i could only see those be worn by Carson from 'Queer Eye"). If he is not a homosexual then he is surely the gayest heterosexual i have ever seen.
Monsieur Gasquet said it best: It is absolutely obvious !!(he propably meant fabulous!!)

Craig Hickman said...

LOL. Absolutely Fabulous. What a show.

It seems that if he's getting this question from hundreds of places he could put a stop to it simply by saying that his personal life is none of anyone's business and let's move on to talk about tennis.

That would be too much like right.

He's young. He's got a chip on his shoulder. He's trying to "protect" himself from... whatever.

Such a vehement denial, however, reeks, especially when his alleged boyfriend exhibited a sense of humor about it all by telling the rumor mongers he'd prefer to be paired with Richie than with the woman he reportedly was stepping out on his family with.

I Wonder which tennis journalist felt compelled to open the interview with the question and where the story originated from in the first place.

whoaitsalex said...

hes NOT gay...atleast he better not be.

anyways..does he have to tuck in his shirt? or wear red shoes?