Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day 3: Quips & Pics

by Craig Hickman

Rain was today's biggest winner, as only a few matches were completed, further backing up the schedule on the morrow. Play will begin on the outer courts at 11:00 instead of noon. Why they didn't bump up play on all the courts already today is beyond me. But that would've been too much like right. As it is, the show courts are sticking to their 1:00 start, which simply makes no sense.


When there are so many rain delays, Chris Fowler gets lots of airtime with other analysts in the ESPN studio. Here's my favorite little exchange from the studio today:

Darren Cahill: You see that handbag Roger is carrying around?"

Mary Carillo: Roger's becoming more and more metrosexual hourly.

What I want to know is this: what possessed him to carry that onto a tennis court? And how many little dogs can fit in that thing?

Back up on Henman Hill, Pam Shriver was at her deadpan best.

Pam Shriver: Is this for Tiger Tim?

Man with stuffed tiger: Actually, I quite fancy Feline-ciano Lopez.

Pam Shriver: That's pathetic.

Man: I heard you say 'That's pathetic' earlier today.

Pam Shriver: Yeah, well I'm consistent.

What does ESPN pay these people?

Serena Williams and Alicia Molik played a great match, after which, Serena had this to say:

Q. Yesterday you encouraged your sister. Today you were sort of like yelling at yourself, agonizing. Was this a tough match? Were you just not playing well? She was serving well.

SERENA WILLIAMS: Yeah, she was serving really well. She's playing really well on the grass court. She has one of the biggest serves in women's tennis. She has a very consistent serve. She's hitting a lot of slice. She's really a good grass court player. If she probably hadn't have played me, she probably would have gotten really far in this tournament. I knew that going in. It was just a match like that.

This from the woman many say never gives her opponents any credit? Whatever.


Karen said...

Hey Craig, boy I tell you this 24.99 is the best money I have ever spent. Get to see the matches I want to watch and the picture and sound quality is just superb. My only gripe is that when I get home in the evenings and want to watch the matches that I did not get to see live, it is a problem with both Real Player and Windows Media Player, but apart from that the coverage has just been excellent. Except for Martina N's comments this morning during Serena's match. Talk about a bitter woman. I swear she has a chip on her shoulder as big as the Great Wall of China. She needs to relax. She has already made her mark on the sport. Serve and volley is either dead or dying (sad) but the game of tennis is still alive and kicking. There are people out there who enjoy tennis no matter if they play with wooden racquets, steel belted sluggers or try and use pogo sticks. The fact of the matter is that the grunts and shrieks (which I myself cannot stand) is here to stay. And for the record every single tennis player has a little thing that they do to pump themselves up, whether it is come on; allez, yes, or whatever. Amelie does not make a sound but she has these scissor kicks that she does. In the heat of competition that is what people do. Calm down Mildred (Jamaican slang for old fuddy duddy)

Craig Hickman said...

karen, you simply crack. me. up.

brooklyn1006 said...

Wimbledon live is not working well for me either - on my home computer. I don't know what's going on. I have no problem with the for-fee atp coverage. Anyway, I have been enjoying the coverage while at work.

oddman said...

The Brits have to be the most stubborn people on the face of the earth when it comes to their Wimbledon. Surely the show courts could start earlier as well, especially if they know the weather is going to be iffy. Ah, well, soon there'll be a roof overhead, and they won't have to deal with rain delays - a constant in England right now.

Karen said...

Hi All, enjoying it again this morning. Excellent coverage as well. I swear Dick Fowler is the cutest guy ever and his comments are simply divine - yummy

sher said...

This from the woman many say never gives her opponents any credit?

Who says that? Of course she gives them credit. Every single time she beats someone she makes sure talk at length about how well the opponent was playing.

The only times she doesn't say a thing is when she gets beat...but those are the days when she is playing just "so horrible" that it's incredible, so it's natural not to mention the opponent. It's not like someone could play an amazing game to beat Serena. They can only play an amazing game to get beat.

You can prove me wrong, by finding an interview with Serena after a match she lost where she complimented her oponent.

Craig Hickman said...

Oh, Sher. I'm not interested in proving you're wrong about Serena.

But you are.

You can check some FastTranscripts archives yourself if you want to know how much.

sher said...

To get back to this. I'm not really interested in proving anything about Serena. I've lost interest in her as a person after reading too many of her transcripts long ago, although I think she's an amazing tennis player.