Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Ready for My Closeup...

In the caption Serena says: "I’ll take off my shirt in a second - locker room girls don’t have much shame. Once I was getting ready to go out and my hitting partner, who is my best friend and, like, Greek god - handsome, walked into my hotel room, it wasn’t awkward for me, but he freaked out." via women's tennis blog

“This body is 100% muscle. It does not move. When she walks, it’s like watching a rock.” — Jane magazine Editor in Chief Brandon Holley, on Serena Williams’ photo shoot for the magazine’s Nude issue. Off The Baseline (Thanks, Savannah)


Marija said...

What Serena said seems controversial, but actually, it's normal for an athlete not to be shy in that way. It's easy for them to take their clothes off, because they see each other naked all the time in their dressing rooms.

Personal experience. :)

Craig Hickman said...

Hi marija,

As my mother always said "Don't be ashamed about the body the good Lord gave you. It's perfect just the way it is."

I've been nude for theater productions on stage in front of thousands of people.

It's no biggie to me. ;)