Saturday, July 14, 2007

Picture of the Week

(AFP/Getty Images)

Did these guys just play a Wimbledon final or exchange vows?

Rafa: That cake is beautiful, no?

Raja: It's absolutely perfect. Like I always dreamed. Almost more perfect than my five straight titles. Can you see my beautiful face reflected in the gold ribbons? Ravishing. You cut the first slice.

Rafa: You're the greatest, no? You go first. And feed me.

Raja: As you like it, boy. I mean... daddy. After all, you're hungrier than I. Oh, and a little lower, please. Sir.


oddman said...

OK, OK, I broke .......ROFLMAO!!!

Thanks, my friend. :D

Karen said...

LOL - Hi Craig. I am dying here. A picture is worth a thousand words. Now we know the reason why Roger has not married poor Mirka and Rafa is never linked to none of the beauties on the WTA tour. Very good. Do you know what all the Rafa KADS and the Raja KADS should keep this picture as it says so much about these 2 players. The love and admiration that they have for each other. Very good one

edma1022 said...


"Roger, is that my baby you're carrying?"



Nonny said...

Heh, thanks for saying what I was thinking, Ed. The wedding banter made me laugh but the pose was more "OMG I felt it kick!" to me.

Craig Hickman said...

Oh my. How could I have missed the pregnancy?

Thanks, ed and nonny.

I guess that's why they had to get married.

sher said...

LOL. Hillarious. Just make sure their girlfriends never see this blog!

Anonymous said...

craig u r a mess lol

Craig Hickman said...

Rafa doesn't have a girlfriend.

helen w said...

Hey Craig,

Beg to differ about Rafa having a girlfriend -- he has been dating a girl ("Xisca") from his home town for a year or more (unless it ended really recently).

Anyway, a whole new meaning to "Let them eat cake."

Craig Hickman said...

helen w, when Rafa's girlfriend was "introduced" to the world some time ago, I remember an analyst who loves to hang out in the men's locker room and give detailed commentary about the men's bodies (no, not Jim Courier...) saying from the booth in no uncertain terms: "Rafa does not have a girlfriend." It was followed by a loud silence among the other commenators.

Savannah may have another perspective, but I believed even before the above that Rafa's "girlfriend" was for appearances only.

I'm not suggesting anything about who Rafa is or might be because I haven't a clue, but the timely trotting out of the girlfriend didn't go unnoticed.

And yes, new meaning, indeed.

But yes,

helen w said...

I'm only going on stuff I recall seeing. The late lamented had some pix of Rafa with his girlfriend that were taken by Spanish papparazzi which were fairly convincing, a few weeks before Wimby 2006. Also, IIRC, she was at Wimbledon last year and there were pix of them together in London and also of her with the family in the stands. FWIW.

Craig Hickman said...

I saw all that too, helen w. So I don't disagree with any of your facts.

It's just that I wasn't convinced.

sher said...

He's said that he has a girlfriend a number of times in his blog, so I'd have to consider him a liar if I were to disbelief. I'm leaning towards him having a girlfriend since, well, he's 21, it wouldn't be anything to admit he's not dating anyone atm.