Saturday, July 28, 2007

Roddick to Face Dancevic in Rainy Indy

Just when I thought Wimbledon was over. Rain delayed play yesterday for up to 7 hours as only two quarterfinals were completed.

Frank Dancevic defeated Igor Kunitsyn 6-4, 7-6(3) in a match that was stopped and started at least three times before the Canadian came back from 1-5 down in the secondset and eeked out the victory to advance to his first ATP semifinal.

"I feel pretty privileged to be in the semi-final of this tournament being that I was the last guy in the draw," Dancevic said. "I'm a pretty happy guy tonight."

Apparently, he drove from Niagara Falls to Indianapolis at the eleventh hour when he got the call.

Unfortunately, the rain kept all the quarterfinals from being broadcast live. Apparently, the commentators were off at 9:00 PM EST because when Andy Roddick and Hyung-Taik Lee finally took the court at nearly 10:00 PM, The Tennis Channel was showing repeats of the first quarterfinal of the day.

(And even as I type this, the James Blake - Sam Querrey quarterfinal is being played live, but TTC is showing the same old repeat over and over again. What's up with that?)

But anyway. "I'm not used to getting here at 1130 and having to play so late," said Roddick, who didn't finish his match until after midnight. "It's frustrating."

Yeah. Well. How frustrating was this? Andy had these amazing stats (9 aces, no breakpoints faced, winning 90% of first serve points and and 85% of second) and all of a sudden at 5-4 in the breaker with two serves to close out the encounter, he double faulted for the first time in the entire match. He dropped another point on serve (I was scoreboard watching [how fun!] so I had no clue what happened there), saved a set point against serve, but couldn't hang on and dropped the set 9-7 in the breaker to lose his 3rd tiebreak in a row after a record run of 18 straight wins.

Train headed in the wrong direction.

I went to bed. Happy to see this morning that he finished off the match 6-1 in the final set. Why must he continue to make things more complicated than they ought to be?

The bottom half of the draw is officially screwed, since the final four will have to play both their quarterfinals and semifinal today. And we don't get to see the all-American quarterfinal live or Dmitry Tursunov find out what Kei Nishikori is all about, so we're screwed, too.

Tennis. Can't live without it. Can't kill the tournament and network executives.

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Anonymous said...

Roddick seems to be having a serious problem with foot faults at Indy. Given that he tends to almost take a hop backwards it seems a little strange.

Craig Hickman said...

True. But, according to the scoreboard, his double fault in the breaker was a good old fashioned one of two missed serves.

Karen said...

Hi Craig, how you doing? Guess what I saw in the supermarket the other day, some good old Jamaican jerk sauce and I thought about you and wondered whether you still wanted it. If so, I can arrange to send you some by Federal Express. Let me know. Onwards and upwards. I know that you are a Roddick KAD but I watched the match today against that fellow from Canada and I have to say that not only did I not like the commentary of that little twerp Jimmy Arias, but I also did not like the gamesmanship or the whiff of gamesmanship that I detected from Roddick. The mutterings, complaints, looks and then the on-court interview in which it is being alleged that Roddick got sick hence the reason for Frank's victory. I am sorry but right now I am so upset by all of this, that I cannot even finish my thought. Will come back on this later.

Anonymous said...

Since when was having a stomach virus considered "gamesmanship"? Roddick was obviously ill during that match.

oddman said...

Agree, Roddick did look unwell to me. Very pale, too much sweating, not enough weight behind his shots. Dancevic returned extremely well, though, he really had a bead on the Roddick serves.

Craig Hickman said...

Hey Karen. I'm always up for the jerk sauce.

I didn't see the match. I was on a boat cruise in Casco Bay which ended in a fabulous dinner at a posh restaurant on Great Diamond Island.

Nice to have friends who pamper you every once in a while!

As I was discussing elsewhere, gamesmanship of any kind bothers me. From reports, however, it seems as though Roddick was ill and yet he admitted that he hadn't served well all week and did no better in this match against Frank, who, as my picture placement has suggested, was my pick to win this event.

He's played Roddick tough in the past, but couldn't stay focused. I assumed Frank would get a victory over Andy sooner or later, and it looks like it was sooner. Good win for him. As they say, Andy took the court, so he was fit and ready to play. He lost another tiebreak, another match. Train headed in wrong direction. Anyway, it's time for the other country in North America to show its stuff in singles and I hope Frank can take out Dima for the title.

Roddick has always been a brat, so when things don't go his way, he can show out. I've never considered that gamesmanship, though. Just bratty behavior that most of his opponents don't even pay any mind because it's part of the book on Andy by now.

Glad I missed it.

Karen said...

Hey Craig, very happy for you and the boat cruise. Hope you enjoyed yourself and used lots of sunscreen. Hey anonymous, if he was unwell, I surely did not see it. There were complaints about the heat, and he was seen going to the shade from time to time - guess what Frank had to play in the same heat thing. The only problem was as Craig said he stated to display his bratty behaviour which is one of the reasons why I am not a fan of his. Craig, you would have been so disappointed in his performance. Frank returned very well and he played his heart out. He did not lose hope even when he lost his serve while serving for the first set. All I can say is that someone neeeds to slow down the trainwreck that is Andy Roddick because it is surely headed in the wrong direction and to paraphrase you Craig "Roddick will never win another slam". I will email you by the side to get your details and send you the jerk sauce

Craig Hickman said...


I don't know if I've ever said Roddick won't win another Slam, but he'll have to get it together in his head, which is where I believe most of his problems lie, in order to do so. When Roddick plays well, and he still does from time to time, he remains tough to beat.

If a player runs off the court to throw up, he isn't feeling well, whether one sees it or not.

Quite frankly, I didn't expect Roddick to do well at this event. I thought he might go out in the quartefinals. His admission that he's not over his Wimbledon loss was not lost on me. You simply can't compete at a high level when your mind and heart is elsewhere.

And I'm not an Roddick KAD. I have the ability to see him objectively and don't have a problem criticizing him when it's warranted. But because I'm a true fan of his, I will continue to defend him against criticism I believe is unfair.

I look forward to the sauce. I'm preparing some jerk spareribs on the grill today, but I'm sure my version of jerk isn't nearly as good as what you have to offer!

Karen said...

LOL - the comment about Roddick not winning another slam is being paraphrased from your statement that Hewitt will not win another slam. I just changed the names. spareribs sounding really yummy. if there was any doubt that you have the starts of the WTA and the ATP you only have to look at this weekend's matches and the support of the crowds. Either the sport is dying in the U.S. or these people cannot pull in the crowds. Which is really sad because Mirza and Anna C are to me better to look at than Shriekapova

Savannah said...

Karen both AnnaC and Sania are a zillion times better looking than the Pova gil but that was one fugly match. I didn't even make it through the second set.

Dancevic was nervous today and lost to Tursunov. The serving percentages for both me were horrid. Tursunov won the rallies and the match.

And once again we got "live via tape delay" tennis from NBC. Still it's better than nothing.

Karen said...

Hey Savannah, you are so right about Sania and Anna C - 2 very good looking girls but the match was awful. As to the live tape delay match - less said the better. I dont know whey they dont let the tennis channel at least rebroadcast matches. That is the thing i like about the tennis channel, it is dedicated to tennis and for people like me who work at least at the end of the day you get a recap of the matches that were played and even if it is in the highlight show you can see your faves or the up and comers. I am not a clay court fan, but this past Roland Garros made me appreciate the stuff, what with the lead up events and stuff. I got to see players that I would never have seen had I not had the tennis channel, and that has made me appreciate those people more. The only good thing I like that has happened this year is that the tennis channel will be covering Wimbledon - can you imagine their lead ups and their recap of matches gone by. Finally, I think I will get to see early Venus and Serena as well as see what all the hype was about Pete Sampras and get to see those people that I have only heard about. Should be good. Not to mention the Australian Open, maybe I will finally get a chance to see that epic semi-final between Sharapova and Serena. Should be good next year. next thing for the tennis channel to do is to start offering their channel on basic cable, that way more people get to see it and subscribe to it, a la CNN

Savannah said...

I don't have TTC, my cable company doesn't offer it in my area but I've heard that their Road To Roland Garros was excellent.

You have to really watch clay to appreciate it's subtlety and beauty. It's not for everyone of course but once you're hooked you're hooked.

Anonymous said...

"Hey anonymous, if he was unwell, I surely did not see it."

Then you were the only one who didn't notice something so obvious. You must be blind. No, wait, you're just a hater, as you yourself admitted. That explains it then.

Funny, when Craig mentioned "jerk sauce" I thought he was referring to your obvious attempt at trolling.