Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday Tirade: What's Up, Americans?

Three events into the US Open Series, and Americans have posted exactly one player, James Blake, on a final Sunday. And he allowed himself to be psyched out of that match. So far, Slavic nations rule on US soil. Serena Williams remains injured in the hand, Andy Roddick remains injured in the head (yeah, I know, he was sick in Indianapolis, but I actually stopped "watching" his matches in the quarterfinals when he double-faulted for the first time in a perfectly played match leading 5-4 in the tiebreak with two serves to come for a straight-set victory, but dropped the breaker and had to play another set. He claims he's not over his Wimbledon loss. Well, neither is this fan and I simply chose not to sit through more of that last week. Why he doesn't do something about these mid-to-late-match mental lapses is a head scratcher, and that's putting it diplomatically...), Blake is off this week (one would think he'd want to promote his book in DC of all places, but...apparently not), the trio of too-young wildcards couldn't notch a single win in San Diego, even though CoCo Vandeweghe (whoever named a blond vanilla girl CoCo... okay, I won't go there...but I will be stealing the name for a character in the years to come) served for the second set at 5-2 against Elena Bovina (remember her?) but lost the last five games of the match, and Sam Querrey, one of last week's revelations, can't build on his momentum because he chose not to play the Legg Mason Classic. Venus Williams (will ya look at those legs!) hasn't won an outdoor hardcourt title in more than five years, so let's see what the Wimbledon Champion can bring at the Acura Classic. She started great last night, losing just three games and serving up a bagel to Russian Anastasia Rodionova.

Rant over.

Speaking of the Legg Mason Classic, two DC residents are blogging up a storm live from the nation's capital this week. Lynn over at Off The Baseline is back by popular demand. And Ben over at Washington Tennis is providing ever-so-detailed daily reporting interlaced with his own photos and personal history of the event. Great stuff. Check them out. Here's a Ben snippet:

Once we got there, we redeemed our vouchers for our Andy Roddick seat cushion that came with our tickets. It was very thick (about two inches or so), and lacked any pictures of Andy Roddick or anything like that, which is probably wise as one does not often do self promotion by encouraging others to sit on his face. At least not in most business ventures…


Later this week, our very own MadProfessah will be taking in a few matches at the Acura Classic. I look forward to reading his live reports right here as well.

If you're a fan of US Tennis, I have one word to say: Pray.


tangerine said...

"If you're a fan of US Tennis, I have one word to say: Pray."

Dude, you're not kidding. I am dying to rant about Roddick's brain-dead play of late (not to mention his outright stupidity eating Taco Bell at 1:00 in the morning with another match to play the next day) on my blog but I keep holding back because I'm not in the mood to deal with his bopper fans questioning my Roddick fandom. Seriously, somebody needs to put our guys in their place, and I'm not talking about another beatdown from Federer. I'm talking about their coaches, their brothers, and other assorted yes-men in their camps, for somebody to have the balls to pull these guys up by the scruff of their necks and get in their faces to call them out on their never-ending bullshit. Tell me if this sounds familiar: "I felt I was hitting the ball well." Boy, I'm sick of hearing this crap. "No question, clay is our weakness." No shit, Sherlock, but what do you boy geniuses plan on DOING about it? You DO realize that if you ever want to win your beloved Davis Cup that means you are going to have to learn how to play and win on clay, don't you? Yes? No? Put that fucking burrito down and straighten up. %$#@! Gah. I've about had it with them.

And that's MY rant for today.

Craig Hickman said...

tangerine, I can't stop laughing. Especially at "I keep holding back because I'm not in the mood to deal with his bopper fans questioning my Roddick fandom."

Priceless. Since win is a fan not critical of his or her player? When they're a Tard/KAD, that's when. I don't get blind obedience to all things Roddick or Serena. When they mess up, I call them out. Loudly.

A respected member of a forum I attend thought this post was too hard on Roddick. I'm going to send that person back over here to read your rant so s/he can have some perspective.