Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 4: AWOL

While this employee was climbing the walls, I was playing in the sand. I went to the beach today for the first time in five years. And I didn't watch a lick of tennis till 5:30 PM EDT. And even then, I was surprisingly uninterested.

Happy Birthday, Andy Roddick! (We have a goat who was born last year on this day, too. She's soooooo cute.) Welcome to the quarter century club, young man. Guess you got a bit of a present with that retirement from Jose Acasuso. But he wasn't going to beat you anyway.

Richard Gasquet, you gave Donald Young a walkover because you had a fever? Um. Okay. Everyone deals with viruses differently, but this is the US Open. Apparently, you had the strength to give an interview. Take some aspirin and take the court, Richie Red Shoes. You're playing a young American upstart who just might have his own issues. Serena Williams won a Slam earlier this year and had a fever through at least two matches. If you can't play, then retire. But take the court and see what happens.

Who was that robust woman on the court today in black? In the middle of the day? I saw it while fast-forwarding through the videotape but I didn't stop to find out. Somebody lemme know.

If there were any upsets today, I missed them. (Hyung-Taik Lee over Guillermo Canas in New York isn't an upset. Unless, of course, you picked Canas in a suicide pool or racquet bracket somewhere....)

Actually, there was an upset. So to speak. As it were. If you will. It happened around 8:10 PM EDT. Something to do with the scoreline of the featured women's night match. This is a Slam. If you only lose two games through two rounds, I'm upset by the lack of competition you face. Nobody on the bottom half of the women's draw is that good. And I mean nobody.

I believe we had our first fifth-set tiebreak today. Spain d. Russia. Up next: Spain vs. USA for the right to face The Name. (Do we really think John Isner has a chance? No, we don't. If we're wrong, somebody buy me a bottle of expensive champagne. Thank you.)

Right now, James Blake is a set apiece against Fabrice "The Magician" Santoro. Though I'm a bit drained by the sun, I may watch the rest of this one. It could get interesting.

UPDATED: Friday, August 31, 2007 AT 12:30 AM EDT

Well. That was exhausting. Santoro's new nickname is Cockroach. Entertaining match all the way around. I thought Blake was toast when he stopped moving his feet in the fifth set, but he weathered the Frenchman's antics, his magic, his never-say-die fight and slayed his own demons to win the first five-set match of his career.

Guess it really meant something to him, no?

Now I'm really going to bed.


oddman said...

'Went to the beach...' Sounds wonderful. Lucky you.

(you didn't miss much, imo)

PeytonAllen said...

I thought Mac and Robinson laid it on a bit thick regarding Santoro's "antics." He's 34 years old, so what if he's taking a little extra time here and there.

I thought the only real questionable move was the timeout during the games. Hate those. But I didn't really see how Santoro was trying to win by gamemensship.

Good win by Blake.

Did anyone see Seles when they showed the clips of her in the stands? Very nice. Improving with age.

Great Blake match finally gave life to the Open. Today's schedule looks unexciting. Have to go to class tonight. Hopefully when I get home I'll see Nadal looking better. Be a real blow to this tournament if Nadal can't somehow improve and be able to make a run in the 2nd week.