Monday, August 27, 2007

US Open 2007 Live on the Internet

I've just become aware that is showing at least one court live throughout early-round play. If you can watch one match while putting up with commentary from another, enjoy!


PeytonAllen said...

What? No blog for our first day responses? Shame Craig. Shame!

I think Mr. Young has finally gotten over the hype anchor that was put on his back way too early. His professional career has officially started. He's a name worth talking about now.

True, he beat a lead foot Aussie who looks like he'd rather be fishing, but a win is a win. Young showed speed, and shotmaking ability. I believe he hit one backhand winner that was totally due to today's racket technology. Fed has hit these and been called a genius. Blake had one last week. Those running backhand flicks of the wrist. Thank you strings and racket head!

Watching Isner now. Love the US Open Mix. 6 courts during the first week. You can choose what you watch.

Poor Bags. Eh. Good for Andy Murray.

I like the tribute to Gibson. Love the idea. But, watching the WS crush two stiffs as part of the first night makes for weak tv, IMO. Should've started Blake after them.

I think too much is made about the draw. Who should Fed face in the first three rounds? Blake? Does it matter? The men's field goes 5 deep at best. Gasquet in the 4th could be entertaining. But there's only one guy who can beat Fed in this event. He's two weeks away.

I think the biggest gift from the computer or white men behind closed doors, whatever you want to believe, was Nadal's draw. No Blake. Nobody who should really stop him before the semis. If Rafa gets to the 2nd weekend he'll supercharge it and lose the "i'm lost" look.

PeytonAllen said...

Catching him on other posts over the last few days. Just breaking in my new lap top!

Craig..loved the you tube link the other day. My computer can finally handle it! I miss Tony. Such a classic voice.

To Karen...if you read this. Nice points about Fed. But, please let's stop the GOAT discussion. It's pointless. You can only surmise who is the best of their generation. Racket technology, ball size, court speed...current culture/beliefs all factor in and make an uneven historical playing field.

Maybe Laver was a good enough athlete and player to be caught up to speed on today's game/training methods and perform. Who knows? Borg played with a toothpick compared to today's standards.

Look at Scoville Jenkins. No real talent, but he crushes every ball. All the players do today. Fed doesn't even serve and volley on grass anymore because times have changed just since he was broken in!

He's great. Let's leave it at that.

But...when Jonas Borkman can still kick ass in today's field and make respectable GS runs let's sit down and have a serious discussion about the competition.

Karen said...

Peytonallen: No more discussion about GOAT. Craig: I second the question. No blog for first day responses. Wake up, come on.

Karen said...

I swear that the Isner/Niemenen match is the most boring match I have ever had the misfortune of watching. Does anyone have Dish Network. If you do can you say whether there are any other channels showing the US Open apart from USA Network. Want to see other courts. Good to see a lot of people at the Donald Young match.

Craig Hickman said...

Why do I need to have a post for first-day responses when peytonallen already started one?

Craig Hickman said...

peytonallen, the draw isn't just about who Raja plays. It's also about who others play.

If you don't think it's an issue that he gets 5 qualifiers in his section, so be it.

But I do.