Monday, September 24, 2007

Comment of the Week: Appreciate Her

This week's winner comes from Make It Like It Was:

Vicki said...

I've been a Lindsay Davenport fan for years and I know this is just a tier three event. Instead of saying that the tour is in bad shape because Lindsay won why can't we say that Lindsay had great week, played well and leave at that?

I only read match reports most of the week and saw the semi final and final. Lindsay is a former world number 1 and won 51 career titles before Bail so it [is] not like Lindsay didn't have the track record.

The scary thing about it is Lindsay [is] only going to get better as her comeback moves along and we are lucky to have her back at all so we should appreciate her while she [is] still around.


oddman said...

Good stuff, yes, we should appreciate her. Who knows how long she'll want to stay out on the tour now that she's a mother.

I know this is OT, but was just curious about your grilling - did you try out your jerk sauce?

Craig Hickman said...

Not yet, oddman. The ribs and chicken are marinating in it till tomorrow.

Savannah said...

I think we do appreciate that Lindsay has come back so strong. I think we can do that and still say that it proves the weakness of the current crop of WTA players minus two major exceptions.

Justine is rightly at the top of the heap because she's willing to work her self to death to be on top. As the woman from the Washington Post said "Practice beats talent when talent doesn't practice."

Let's see if Lindsay plays Quebec - her thigh was pretty tightly wrapped in Beijing - and how she does.

oddman said...

Oooh, sounds very good.

I agree with Savannah. Regardless of the fact that Lindsay is a former top player, and this was a tier 3 event, it looks to me like the women's field is lacking. Pure raw talent will only get one so far.