Saturday, September 22, 2007

Doubles Day: USA & Germany Take The Lead

I've never been one to write well about doubles matches, so I'm not going to try now. All I'll say is that the USA - Sweden tie featured great tennis on the lightning fast carpet, including a dramatic first-set tiebreak won by the USA 13-11. When three of the world's best doubles players are on the court, a high-quality battle is virtually guaranteed.

The Russia - Germany affair was tight but quite spotty. Hero of the day goes to Philipp Petzscnhner, the 262-ranked doubles player making his Davis Cup debut who ended up being the best player on the unsettled clay.

Both host nations are now down heading into tomorrow's reverse singles. If the USA and Germany hold onto their leads, we will travel to Germany in the winter for the final.

Go USA, Go Russia!

Match Reports
Bryans' masterclass a performance for the ages
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tangerine said...

I'm breathing a little easier now that the Wonder Twins pulled through for us again. I'm not going to enjoy watching Andy/ToJo at all tomorrow. Too much is riding on this match. And Russia must win their reverse singles tomorrow. No crapping out!

Craig, I was reading through your old Davis Cup posts. I didn't know that you had also attended the Salem-Winston matches. Wasn't that an awesome experience? I searched through my DC videos and found something for you. Check your aol e-mail for it. :)

Craig Hickman said...

Tangy, I think the Andy/ToJo match could be a classic, but I fully expect Roddick to win, even if it takes 12-10 in the fifth to do it.

Thanks for the video!

Craig Hickman said...

Actually, I believe Sweden would be silly not to play Bjorkman today.

ToJo has never beaten Roddick, and Bjorkman has the experience and a good record keeping Sweden in ties in must-win matches.

Of course, the last time Bjorkman played Roddick in the same situation, Roddick bageled him in the third set in Delray Beach.

I think Andy wins whoever he plays.

oddman said...

Yep, he did win. Go USA! Now, what to do about James? Pfffffft. How many of his wins in DC were 'dead rubbers'? Doesn't seem like he can be counted on when the going gets tough. Why don't they try Isner, Young, or Jenkins? Or even Ginepri - he's had some good results in the past.