Sunday, September 30, 2007

Venus Victorious at Korea Open

Venus Williams beat Maria Kirilenko 6-3, 1-6, 6-4 to win the Hansol Korea Open in Seoul today.

When I called them fashionistas, I had no idea we'd see them in traditional South Korean garb for the trophy ceremony. How beautiful. All this pomp and circumstance for a Tier IV event? Perhaps they need an upgrade.

Now if only we could see some of these matches on the Asian swing in the United States. But that's a whole other story and we're not going there right now.


TangledStare said...

*blush* I know you're American, the Williams are great and all, but how is that the Tier IV event gets a full entry a la ATP while the Tier II gets a note on the corner?

*Media-Darling fan awaiting to get racquetted Venus's serve-style*

PS. I do have to admit the outfit was slightly more entertaining, though ;-)

Craig Hickman said...

You answered your own question.

And besides, I couldn't find a landscape photo of AnaI holding her trophy, so she got the sidebar.

Not such a bad thing considering that Ana stays on top of the page until I change it.

Win some; lose some.


Vlad said...

No more of Venus can't win outdoor hardcourt title on more then 5 years.. no matter what the level, win is a win and good to see the effort.. Maria pushed her hard and I though it was going to be 3 setter and it was.. If Venus makes YEC it is all for the better of tennis. Afterall, you want to see best players compete in the end no?

TangledStare said...

Please tell me that l after Ana was just a typo. LOL.

Win some, lose some. Unless she's playing Venus.

Craig Hickman said...

AnaI wasn't a typo. There's AnaI and AnnaC. That's what we call them on some of the boards so people don't get confused even though one name has two n's.

And yes, vlad, I forgot Korea was an outdoor hardcourt event. Now she's going for two in a row in Japan.

She hasn't competed at the YEC in years. It would be great to see all the best back at that event.

TangledStare said...

Yeah I figured it was Anna's fault later, but you know how the I looks like L and that's terrible.

Venus should definitely make it to YEC. Who else is gonna make Juju cry for Carlos if not her.

Craig Hickman said...

I didn't see the L till you brought it up. Now get your mind out of the gutter, will ya?

And do you honestly think that Serena can't beat Justine anymore?

TangledStare said...

It's not the gutter really, capital Is can be misread for Ls very easily.

Of course Serena can beat Juju. So can Marion. So can Safarova. So can Sveta. And all the others yet to beat her. I just happen to think considering her [Justine's] shape at the moment Venus is more likely to give her a tough time, Serena needs to get back to the beginning of the year if she doesn't want Juju to get in her way again.

Craig Hickman said...

Thanks for the clarity. I'm not sure if Serena is in worse shape than she was at the beginning of the year from an aerobic perspective, but the groin injury she endured after Miami that kept her out of most of the claycourt season, and the thumb and knee injuries that kept her out of all the hardcourt season till the USO have certainly been unlucky occurrences.

We'll see how her body holds up till the end of the year.

TangledStare said...

For sure. Still, I wonder what goes through her mind when she's gotta get into court to play Justine again after the recent results. Even though she wasn't 100%, that can't be easy for anyone.

Craig Hickman said...

I wonder, too, tangled. I wonder, too.