Thursday, October 25, 2007

Live Tennis on the Internet

As you know, there are three ATP indoor events and one WTA event in Europe this week. If you'd like to watch live feed of the ATP events go to and scroll down the page. TLM is airing Grand Prix de Tennis de Lyon, Eurosport is airing Davidoff Swiss Indooors, and an unknown channel is showing the St. Petersburg Open. Sometimes only a marquee matchup is shown so depending upon what time you tune in, there may not be any tennis.

There's no link for coverage in Linz, but there is the ITF event in Bratislava is being shown on Infonet.



Karen said...

Thanks for that Craig. Great to see Yummy play today. Got to see his match with del Potro. Good performance. Not outstanding but enough to get the job done. Is it me or does this season seem unusually long this year.

Craig Hickman said...

It does, Karen. I'm not even inspired to write about the tournaments this week!

oddman said...

Man, you both got that right. I'm a big tennishead and I'm finding I just really don't have much interest right now. Sigh.

rabbit said...

Karen, I didn't get to watch the match. How did you think Federer was playing? Did Federer look good because del Potro was missing a lot or was he creating good shots? I'm so wary of thinking that Federer is playing well after what happened last week...

Craig Hickman said...

Del Potro made a lot of errors, rabbit.

Federer will win this tournament. No one left in the draw has the game or the belief to beat him.

tangerine said...

Craig wrote: "I'm not even inspired to write about the tournaments this week!"

I can totally relate to that. Since Andy took the last several weeks off I haven't bothered to update my blog either. And now that I've been distracted by the Red Sox in the World Series I haven't felt like following tennis at all, much less updating anything. Tennis has fallen off my radar, I'm all about baseball now. Part of me is even glad that Andy lost early in Lyon, now I can focus 100% on the World Series. lol. I'm a bad fan.

Karen said...

Tangi, it is not even that it is just that even the players seemed to be having a hard time trying to play matches. Yummy was really not doing much. His serve seems to be back and he fired off about 10 aces. He made some pretty good shots but nothing spectacular. I hear that Kolya was warned by the umpire for not making an effort. I think the players are really tired. and if the fans are now saying they are all tennised out then something needs to be done. As to the Word Series, my Yankees are not in so not much interest on my side. hoping that Colarado does something but after being beaten 13-1 not much hope of that. then again they are playing the Bo-Sox so anything can happen. As regards the women blah - nothing much to write home about. I look at some of these players and I swear some members of my club play much better than they do.

Craig Hickman said...

Tangy, you are bad.

I'm all about the World Series too!

We better win before I hop on a plane to Holland next Tuesday!

tangerine said...

Karen wrote: "Tangi, it is not even that it is just that even the players seemed to be having a hard time trying to play matches."

Karen, I've noticed too that the top players who already booked their place in Shanghai are having a difficult time finding motivation to play; they're still on a mental vacation and I don't blame them. The indoor season is such a lazy tennis season for me. We don't get any coverage of it here in the USA so for me it's like, "tennis out of sight, out of mind." It always feels like the season ends right after USO anyway. Too bad that's not really the case. Having 3 or 4 months off would be fantastic. By the end of USO tennis has burned me out for the year. As a spectator it can be too much, imagine having to be the one to play it! How these guys manage do it year in and year out is amazing, really. And to do it relatively injury-free is nothing short of a miracle.

Craig wrote: "I'm all about the World Series too! We better win before I hop on a plane to Holland next Tuesday!"

Ooh, have fun in Holland! I'm excited about the BoSox's chances but we can't discount the Rockies who will have home advantage for the next three games. I would love it if the series lasted long enough for it to end back in Fenway (with the Sox winning of course. Winning the series would be awesome but to win it in Fenway with the team celebrating with Red Sox Nation would be absolutely priceless.) ;)

How's this for a tennis/baseball analogy? Federer is to the Yankees as Roddick is to the Red Sox. It will be another 86 years before Sox Roddick beats Yankee Federer. Hardeee har har.

Check out this post from ESPN:

Silver lining: Recently deposed Yankees manager Joe Torre has made it clear he'd like to stay in baseball. But if he has free time on his hands next summer, he said he and his wife want to make a pilgrimage to Wimbledon and take in a different kind of Grand Slam.

In Torre's honor, we've come up with a list of reasons he might prefer Wimbledon to late-June, early-July baseball:

1. No Steinbrenners in the Royal Box
2. Players named Roger and A-Rod are someone else's responsibility
3. Rain delays always blamed on Met(eorological) office
4. Spittle-free seating areas
5. "Fortnight"' sounds better than "10-game road trip"
6. Scones with clotted cream and jam beat kosher dogs any day
7. British tabloids poised to link you to Manchester United manager's job
8. Last name guarantees honorary membership in Tory party
9. Matches end at dusk -- more time for clubbing!
10. Two words: Red knickers.

rabbit said...

Haha, tangerine, that's absolutely hilarious...especially the red knickers' reference. Too funny!

Craig Hickman said...

Tangy, thanks for the laugh!