Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Octoberfest: Tennis, Tennis, Tennis

This week, there are three men's events, two women's events, including the joint event at the Kremlin Cup in Moscow. This should guarantee that the final qualifiers for the year-end championships on both tours show up on one leg with one arm tied behind their backs.

As I prepare for a presentation at an adoption conference in Pittsburgh over the weekend, it's too much to follow and cover.

This is what I've gathered from headlines and scoreboards so far:

Venus Williams is playing Bangkok with a leg injury and a Nina Simone updo, which I must say is fabulous; Jelena Jankovic couldn't stand the heat so she got the fugh out the kitchen; Amélie Mauresmo's woes continue as she loses to Vera Zvonareva for the first time in 8 matches; Maria Sharapova is the only Russian woman to lose her singles match today (after holding not one, not two, not three, but six set points in the first set, mind you) 7-6(9), 6-2 to Viktoria Azarenka from Belarus; Serena Williams has yet to take the court at the venue where she made her professional debut; James Blake has yet to lose a match in Stockholm; Ivan Ljubicic has yet to lose a match in Vienna; Fernando Gonzalez and Juan Carlos Ferrero are looking to salvage what's left of their lackluster seasons with a title run in Austria; Max Mirnyi can't find his singles game with a microscope, which is surprising because his big game that just keeps coming usually works well indoors; Novak Djokovic can barely hold serve but he can beat the headcase we know as Robby Ginepri in straight sets; and Dmitry Tursunov and Marat Safin are practicing their doubles game in Moscow in preparation for the Davis Cup final in Portland, Oregon.

Did I miss anything?

Oh, yeah.

Serena has adorable little dogs.


Karen said...

New Headline "Serena makes it to SF of Kremlin Cup. Loses jinx of QF play"

How is everyone doing? Have not seen many comments these last few weeks. Are you guys tennised out or what. Good matches tomorrow morning from the Kremlin Cup. Who would have thought fall tennis would be so competitive. Who would have thought that Serena and Venus Williams would be Top 10 by the end of the year. Who would have thought that Sharapova would be on her way out of the Top 10. Who would have thought that Momo would no longer be in the Top 10. Man, this tennis year has been a year of revelations. Hoping that both S & V make it to the finals of their respective tournaments and win. Would be good for both of them going into Zurich and then the YEC. Roger comes back to play tennis after almost a month off and I get to see him play. Yippee. All good on my end.

rabbit said...

Roger comes back to play tennis after almost a month off and I get to see him play.

You are going to Madrid? That's fabulous!

JCH said...

Roger might be rusty and falter, or rested and ready to just anhilate everybody. i hope it's the former because i'd like to see Rafa win on home court. For that reason i'm going to pick him to win TTC Madrid racquet bracket. Has a draw ever come out the day before the tournament does, as is the case with Madrid? Here's an email alert for the racquet bracket when it goes live.

Karen said...

No Rabbit, I am not going to Madrid, except by way of the Tennis Channel. Will be on vacation next week, so in between retiling my bathroom, cleaning out my cupboards and power washing my back porch and painting, I will be doing a little bit of tv watching. Gawd I have not seen him since the USO. Wonder what he looks like now. And I get to see Serena tomorrow morning. God I hope she wins and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of Venus.

Karen said...

Craig, how did that adoption conference go? I have always been a very strong advocate of people who are infertile to try adoption as a means to having a family. Think there are too many children being born in this world from people who are not ready to care for them, and then you have those couples who just cannot have children naturally all on their own. I recall a former colleague of mine who was infertile and after trying so many fertility treatments etc. she decided to adopt. She is now the proud mother of 2 children, one of whom looks just like her (daughter) and the other looks like her husband (son). At the time she got them they were abandoned by young mothers in a hospital in Jamaica and and she got them at 2 weeks and 1 month respectively. They are now 15 and 16 respectively and while they now know that they are adopted, people who don't know their background have absolutely no idea. I think especially in the black community there is this stigma that if a woman cannot bear a child naturally, then something is wrong with her. I think in order for us to take back our communities we need to provide homes for children who are without them. Sorry to go off topic, but this is just something that is near and dear to me.

brooklyn1006 said...

There is something very wrong here. There's TTC in Jamaica, but I can't get it in Brooklyn via Cablevision. Something is very wrong here. lol!