Friday, November 23, 2007

7 Days and Counting...

Official Team Nominations for 2007 Final

Russia and USA have named their teams for the final of the 2007 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas, to be held in Portland on November 30 - December 2.

The official team nominations can be found below. Under Davis Cup rules, up to two nominations may then be changed up to an hour before the draw, which takes place on Thursday 29 November.

World Group Final: USA v Russia
Venue: Portland, Oregon (Hard-indoors)

James Blake
Andy Roddick
Bob Bryan
Mike Bryan

Captain: Patrick McEnroe

Igor Andreev
Nikolay Davydenko
Dmitry Tursunov
Mikhail Youzhny
Captain: Shamil Tarpischev

Of course, we're thinking Marat Safiin will be an eleventh-hour substitution for Russia since none of this team has a good record against the Americans indoors.

But in Davis Cup competition, anything can happen. Who can forget Dmitry's expertise on indoor clay last year? It came out of nowhere.

That said, the American team is the slight favorite to bring the Cup back to the States from the defending champs, even if Safin is on the team. Can't say he's played much tennis in months, can we? (And I must say, I saw a preview on Tennis Channel, and I was not happy with the doubt I saw from Pete Sampras, Todd Martin, et al. about America's chances to bring the Cup home. Can we not support our own and express confidence in them? Sometimes, I hate how past American players shit on our current top players on the regular.... But I digress. This ain't a Tuesday Tirade.)

I'll be there. In Portland. With NetHead garb on.

I can't wait!


brooklyn1006 said...

I look forward to your DC coverage. I'm excited for you. I don't know much about that part of the U.S. I will be rooting on the USA, but I sorta hope Marat will be added to the Russian team. He's so cute!

Karen said...

Hey Craig, hope you are feeling a little bit better in spirits. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. The past tennis pros who played for US Davis Cup are just jealous of these guys. I swear, I watched these exos between Fed and Sampras and I cannot imagine how people enjoyed watching Sampras play. Was he always like this? I know I have asked this question before but damn. As to the players on the Blackrock Champions Tour, their style of play leaves a lot to be desired. I know they are middle aged now, but to hear them criticise current players and their style of play and then watch them on the court unable to do simple things like "come in to the net; volley etc. - they can hardly execute a game plan, yet the sit in booths and criticise players. Just eats me up. Anyway I will be cheering on the USA and hope they thrash the Ruskies 5-0 or something like that.

Pamela said...

Karen, don't you think you're being a little hard on the guys? They did do great things in their prime, when they were younger and physically able to do so. Just because they can't perform now to the level that they used to doesn't mean they haven't earned the right to critique the younger crop of players.

As Brooklyn said Craig, I'm looking forward to your coverage on Davis Cup. Due to timing, I'll probably miss a bit and your blog helps fill in the blanks.

I'm one of those people that hopes Marat doesn't show up because I couldn't root for him during a DC match against the Americans.

I hope everyone had a great holiday.

Karen said...

Hi Pamela, hope you had a great thanksgiving. It is not that they have not earned the right to criticise, but to hear them commentate on a match it is like these new crop of players have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Also, listening to people who watched tennis in the 70s, 80s and 90s, you would think that tennis has died with the advent of Nadal, Fed etc. For me, if you love tennis then you should be able to appreciate that like everything else in this world, it will change to meet the demands of the players, technology, the fans etc. I just cannot stand to see them berating these players, especially in the women's game, when most of them if they were playing some of the women in this current era, would not be able to win a game, much more a set.

Pamela said...

You know Karen, I'm sure there's a bit of resentment there. With the advent of new technology with the racquets and stronger athletes, they are sort of left in the "olden days" as far as tennis go. Poor things.

Craig Hickman said...

I'm just glad I'm not the only one who's noticed it.