Thursday, December 27, 2007


I guess that would be me, folks. I can't get inspired to write much of anything except for this little post that tells you I can't get inspired to write much of anything.

Perhaps it's the holidays. The first season without my father. Perhaps I have writer's block. Perhaps I'm just lazy.

I wanted to do a 2008 Players To Watch before the New Year, but if that comes to pass, it will just have to wait.

I'll take this lull to tell all of my readers that I am grateful for your readership this past year, and I promise a return to normalcy in the foreseeable future.

Savannah, on the other hand, is blogging up a storm. Her latest Idle Chit Chat and Heard Around are, as always, informative.


oddman said...

Hey, no problemo, my friend! I've been quite lazy about reading the blog, so there ya go. This is a lull time of year anyway. Enjoy your 'real' life, the muse will return soon. After all, tennis starts up next week, can you believe it already. What a short season for them.

Karen said...

Hi Craig, I just act like a troll these days. I browse the different message boards, read what others who are not too lazy to type say and either smile and shake my head and then move on. Of course the discussions surround whether Justine can keep it up in 2008, that Serena is starting 2008 like she started 2007 and whether the Vitches can do what they have been promising to do. All in all nothing I really want to join in discussing right about now. And oh, whether the exo between Fed and Pete was the real deal or fixed. Who cares. As a Fed fan they were the worst matches ever. I am sorry but I really do not enjoy Pete Sampras' play. He sticks his tongue out. Has absolutely no personality and his game is: serve ace after ace after ace. Boring

tangerine said...

Not a problem, Craig. Your Gonad Awards was a nice topper to the end of the year anyway. The tennis season is too long as it is, bloggers deserve a break from the constant blogging. ;) It's the holiday season, right now it's more important to be with friends and family. Tennis can wait.

brooklyn1006 said...

Karen, you don't come across as a troll at all. Trolls are mean-spirited, vicious, divisive, and have no legit interest in tennis. I think the word you want to describe yourself now is lurker. I have read your posts on the site and you are very smart and interesting.

Karen said...

Hi Brookly, I too have read your posts over at ESPN and you bring sanity to those mad folks over there. Those guys dont even get sarcasm. It is too much. Thanks for the nice words as well and yes lurker is the word that I was searching for and not troll. So funny, how you can basically know folks from the posts that they make to message boards and it would seem as if a lot of people who post on tennis message boards tend to be very intelligent highly motivated people. Some of them seem to be professional working class folks as well. I am very impressed, both with here and with other boards that I read and post.