Monday, December 31, 2007

Hopman Cup Day 3: USA d. Czech Republic

I finally got to watch some Hopman Cup action for myself early this morning via a tape-delayed broadcast on Russian WebTV.

Yes, Serena Williams outlasted Lucie Safarova, yes the US got a virtual walkover when Tomas Berdych had to retire due to illness, but would you have guessed that Serena looked physically better than she did back in 2002-2003?

You might think I'm exagerrating, but Tennis Channel aired the 2003 Australian Open final between her and Venus Williams so Serena's look back then was fresh in my mind when, a few hours later, my eyes almost popped out of my head when she showed up on court to play Lucie.

I'm not sure the pictures do what I saw on camera any justice, but if you take her warning to Justine Henin in this article seriously, and if you take Martina Navratilova's closeup sighting seriously, then the article's title of "Trim, taut, terrific: Serena shapes up" is on point.


Karen said...

She has freaking skinny thighs. Who is this? You are right she does look more slender than in 2002-2003 and like you the 2003 AO is still fresh in my head as well. Dang, those girls could move. Did you see that hitting last night. I tell you, if Serena had not had that surgery on her knee, she would have at least 15 GS titles right now. She was that good.

Craig Hickman said...

I think the surgery did her in. She didn't allow herself time enough to heel and there's no guarantee that tendon would be stronger than before even if it did heal.

But more than that, it stalled her momentum. She had just won 5 of 6 Slams and she wasn't able to defend her USO. Of course, though, her sister was murdered in that first rehab period, so....

I'm hoping her commitment to her trimmer physique means she wants to put as little stress on her knees as possible and that she's serious about another run for the top.

Karen said...

Craig, I am with you on the run to the top. Say what you will about Serena, baby girl makes people interested in women's tennis. Sometimes during the majors, it is like the women are an afterthought, and then Serena will go and say, do or wear something and all of a sudden the spotlight is on the women of tennis, whether it be negative or positive. That 2003 AO match featured some brillian shot making. I recall when I watched that match way back in the day I was hoping that Venus would win because she had been beaten 3 times already and it was just so pitiful to watch her. I cannot believe that Serena called her sister the "b" word because she was hitting winners past her. That girl is so competitive. I swear when she says she even needs to win at UNO that she was deadly serious. And like you Craig, I think she wants to put the work in to get the results. She realises that if she does trim down, her knee is always going to act up. But she looks fantastic, I have to say. And if MartinaN is singing her praises on her physique, then you know she must be looking good.