Friday, December 28, 2007

The Powers Behind the Thrones

By Savannah

As the 2008 season gets under way it's time to look back at 2007. Every blogger has posted his or her "Best OF" list for the past year in tennis. Players have been ranked and rated and like kids at Christmas judged to be naughty or nice.

But very little attention is given to the men and women who sit on the sidelines, many times in the broiling sun, watching the players they've birthed, either literally or figuratively, soar with the eagles or crash and burn. These men and women do the dirty work of motivation and preparation both physically or mentally, dealing with the fragile egos of those who have the stones to fight their way to the upper echelon of the tennis world.

Powers Behind the Thrones


Rahul said...

The instructor told me that the cure to having the racquet wobble on my shots was to hit the ball in the sweet spot. well, that is a no brainer
A few racquet changes didn't do me any good and I figured that I'm always going to be off a bit on my contact point, so the only other
solution was to get a strong enough to fight the miss hits. A bit of reasearch brought me to the Gripstik wrist exerciser . No string and
weight stuff so easy to carry around in my bag. After about three weeks of following the guidelines(not much fun), I have noticed a definite
improvement in my gripping strength which translates to a more stable contact with the ball . I' m able to overcome the torque of missing
the sweet spot much better than before. Racquet speed also seems to be increasing a bit because of the oveball increase in my wrist and arm
strength .