Saturday, December 22, 2007

Venus In Vogue

Whether wearing the beads in her braids that popped like pearls at a party, the sleek Diane Von Furstenberg-designed dress she wore at the 2003 Wimbledon, the hoop earrings that orbit her ears like small satellites, the ever-present adhesive tape wrapping her wrists during matches, the bold black mini-skirt that’s part of her recently-launched EleVen By Venus line or the cap and gown she donned for the graduation ceremony while receiving her associate’s degree in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale last week, Venus Williams has always had her own singular sense of style.

It’s not enough for Venus to play great tennis, she wants to look great playing it.

Now the woman has complemented her decorating firm, V Starr Interiors, with the August launch her new clothing line, EleVen, has cracked a very exclusive top 10: Venus is in Vogue.

The four-time Wimbledon winner and dress designer makes her mark as one of the world’s best-dressed women in Vogue Magazine’s Top 10 Best Dressed List for 2007.

Venus joins Kate Bosworth, Kathryn Neale, Astrid Munoz, Georgina Chapman, Kelly Wearstler, Amy Greenspon, Caroline Sieber, Huma Abedin and Agyness Deyn on Vogue’s elite list.

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Venus has become synoymous with ubiquitous. She's in Miami, New York, Los Angeles showing off her new line, on-stage in Fort Lauderdale receiving her fashion degree, and now she's in a Vogue spread showing up Kate Bosworth. Venus' mere presence turns the scenery to full runway. I just have one thing to say: You. Better Work.


Karen said...

Venus looks absolutely amazing in that pic. I saw it earlier over at wtaworld and she is making me think that I want to go out and purchase this Vogue issue. On another note, Tennis Channel has said that they will be bringing us the best matches of 2007. I just saw the AnaI v Hingis match. That was the worst match ever. Before the match finished I went online to see what the score was because I am thinking it must get better than this as the match progresses. It did not. Just a really bad match. Am I glad that Hingis has retired. That grin just does not do it for me. All those teeth. Yeesh. So happy that she and Radek did not proceed with their wedding. Can you imagine those poor kids? Ugh.