Saturday, January 26, 2008

MadProfessah's Men's Final Preview

(Craig's note: Seems Mad didn't take the day off afterall. Enjoy...)

After youngsters Novak Djokovic (20) and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (22) each had the biggest wins of their careers, they are competing against each other in the Australian Open Men's final Sunday night in Melbourne. Djokovic defeated world No. 1 and 12-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer in straight sets in the second semifinal while Tsonga demolished world No. 2 and 3-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal in the first semifinal. In the final we will see what happens when an unstoppable force faces an immovable object.

I'd like to think that although a Grand Slam title means more to Tsonga, there will actually be more pressure on Djokovic, because he is the world No. 3 (Tsonga is unseeded!) and the heir apparent to Federer. The two have never face each other before, so this is a again a "case of first impression." If Tsonga can play as well as he played against Nadal, he should win the first set easily while Djokovic tries to figure out how to handle his game and Tsonga is still far away enough from the actual win to become nervous.

Once Djokovic does start playing his best it will be interesting to see if Tsonga can maintain his brilliant serving and jaw-dropping volleying. If so, Tsonga can make history as the first Black male Grand Slam champion since Arthur Ashe in 1975.

PREDICTION: Tsonga, in 4 sets.


Michael said...

Nice analysis Mad Professah. I lean toward Tsonga. Whoever wins, it should be a straight-set affair.

Last year, I noticed that there were only 3-set matches from the QF on in the men's US Open 2007. That pattern has continued in the Australian Open 2008 (at least until now).

Here's a graph.

I'm curious what people think is going on here. My thoughts are on my blog post.

PS I'm not sure if this is bad blog-equitte, but I'm really interested in what people are thinking, not in promoting my blog.