Monday, January 21, 2008

One Quarter Serena

The insanity of the 2008 Australian Open continues. For the fourth consecutive Slam, Serena Williams has exited in the quarterfinals. If you saw the match, you know something was wrong with Serena. Jelena Jankovic, for her part, took advantage of yet another gift during this fortnight and toughed it out 6-3, 6-4.

I have no idea what was wrong with Serena but she couldn't serve consistently hard and she couldn't move well to her backhand. Some of her first serves were 87mph; her second, 50mph. She also had zero footwoork. Was it physical? Mental? Both? She was treated for a blister on her toe when Jelena took a timeout to receive treatment on her left thigh, but would a blister cause such a comprehensively lethargic performance? When she broke serve to say in the match, she didn't even show emotion. Whatever it was, it's timing for the defending champion was piss poor.

If it wasn't for bad luck, no luck at all.


Karen said...

Craig, my only consolation is that another Williams is still left in the competition. I kept waiting for Serena to wake up or for someone to say ladies and gentlemen we are sorry but the player out there is not Serena Williams. The real Serena was found bound and gagged in the locker room being watched by a band of rabid Serbians. Piss poor performance indeed.

Mad Professah said...

Will there be an explanation?? Oh, *sigh* I was looking forward to a serena-sharapova semi!

oddman said...

Her interview's up on the AO site. She doesn't say too much, hints at an injury but doesn't want to use that as an excuse. 'She played better than me... she hit some solid shots... I was spraying balls...'
This is another women's match that I partly saw, and this Serena did not look like the one that totally neutralized the big-game Vaidisova. It was weird. Something wasn't right for Serena.

Karen said...

All I can say is that the person who was out there, putting in serves at 90 mph was not Serena. JJ was actually serving better than Serena. People are speculating that Serena may have tanked her match. yeah right. As if. Girl friend has been on tour over 11 years -never going to happen, she would rather go out with a fight rather than a wimper. Good luck to Venus against the other vic, which leads me completely off topic. Who the hail is AnaI to be talking smack. On the one occassion that she has reached a final, she started trembling and forgot how to serve. There she is talking smack about Venus and about revenge. When you have played someone 4 times and is yet to even win a set, then you need to start thinking about whether you need to change your game or not. No way do you sit and talk smack about revenge.