Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Andy Murray: Charmless Man

After winning last week's Open 13 in Marseille, Andy Murray suffered a first-round upset at the hands of homeboy and wildcard Robin Haase in straight sets at the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam earlier today.

Is my posting this rant from the Guardian kicking him when he's down?

Can Andy Murray and Jamie Murray really be related? Sure, the two Scotsmen have physical similarities, but look again - Jamie's smile, Andy's scowl; Jamie's rounded, pleasing face; Andy's dolichocephalic (eat your heart out, Will Self) Donald Duck features.

Then there's the way they play. Think of Jamie winning the Wimbledon mixed doubles last year with Jelena Jankovic. If we'd put a speech bubble against him during that final, it would have said:

"I get to do what I love for a living, get a suntan into the bargain, earn a decent whack, and get to hang out with some of the most gorgeous women in sport - Jesus, I'm a lucky bugger."

Compare this to the younger, more successful Andy. He plays with his face frozen into a grimace. He blames everybody for his failings (mother, coach, the Davis Cup) but himself. There's a six-second sequence on YouTube that sums Andy up. He loses a game and sarcastically gives his then coach, Brad Gilbert, a thumbs up while muttering "You twat" at him. He also famously screamed mid-match at Gilbert "You're giving me nothing".

Actually, the Lawn Tennis Association has given him everything, only for him to throw it back in their face. In July 2006, the LTA appointed Gilbert, a world-class coach who masterminded Andre Agassi's great triumphs, to work with Andy - for a gobsmacking £750,000 a year. Andy was then 19 and ranked 36th in the world. Within a month he had beaten Roger Federer, and within nine months he was in the world's top 10. But within 16 months he had ditched Gilbert, swapped him for a "team of experts", stating that the time "has come to move on to the next stage of my career".

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oddman said...

Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.....

tangerine said...

At last! A bashing post that I can gleefully agree with and take part in. ;)

oddman said...

Still chuckling... sometimes the British press annoys me, but not this time. They sure go after their quarry though. Like hounds after the fox.

MMT said...

No love lost for Andy Murray from me, but I think this is a bit harsh. So he doesn't smile, so what? It's when he doesn't try that they should get smacked down. If this guy wins a grand slam then he'll be the cat's meow in the UK all over again.

P.S. I too prefer his brother.

Carleton said...

Hey, everybody. If you think the article was great, read some of the comments from the British fans. They're hilarious!

Craig Hickman said...

Hi carelton. I did. They are off the chain.

Ben said...

Thank you so much for this, Craig. Made my day.


Steve said...

I think it was unnecessary. Personal attacks like this are precisely why sportstars around the world are so wary of the media.

Will be intersting to see how Hattenstone writes up Murray's victory over Federer today.

If you are interested you can see more of my thoughts on this topic here