Sunday, February 24, 2008

Andy Roddick Knows The Way To San Jose

Andy Roddick
won a title and I didn't get to see it. An American event, no television coverage. Oh well. Today isn't Tuesday so I won't write a tirade.

Today's other champions (minus one):

Michael Llodra, ABN AMRO World Team Tennis Champion

David Nalbandian, Copa Telmex Champion

Maria Sharapova, Qatar Total Open Champion


Karen said...

Craig, there was coverage as I watched the match. It was on one of the Fox affiliates but only if you had Bay Area feed. Quite a few people on message boards who do have Fox channels did not get to see it as their cable providers did not carry this particular Fox. That being said, Andy played well. He had quite a few good passing shots but was guilty as always of staying 50 ft behind the baseline to rally, hence whenever Radek did one of his drop volleys, half volleys, or just volley in general, Andy could not get to these balls. He served well, and returned well, broke Radek at love in the opening game and broke him again in the second to last game of the second set. OK match.

Craig Hickman said...

Thanks for the match summary, Karen.

Denise said...

Okay, I'll admit that I shelled out 40 bucks to watch the tournament on the crappy B2 network over the internet. The commentators were awful (on second thought, they were better than the Versus network's Davis Cup people...)--but Andy's matches were all entertaining, at least. He really returned well. I guess we'll see in Memphis and Dubai if this was a fluke or a trend!

tangerine said...

Reading the messageboards you've got to love how people mock Roddick for winning a "mickey mouse" tournament when in all honesty had Roddick lost in the final they would've mocked him for that too, and much worse. Even when he wins, he loses.

Denise, as a Roddick fan I can tell you that his returning well comes and goes. He hasn't learned to be consistent about that part of his game yet, if ever.

He says he wants to be more aggressive this year so I'm hoping he takes that lesson to Memphis, IW, and then Miami. He has some scores to settle and he won't be able do it by continuing to play with a pussy forehand or returning badly.

Craig Hickman said...

Thanks for the summary denise.

Tangy, you are too funny.