Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Love Day

If you have any Valentines to deliver to your favorite players, please tell us in the comments.


vw said...

Dear Novak, I am a fan of yours and hope to meet you some love and more love.:-)

Aeniclud said...

Dear Rafa, you have been a great inspiration. Thank you for making me pick up a racquet again. LOVE YOU.

corona611 said...

dear David Ferrer,

you are such a cutie! I love how you seem so humble and friendly off the court. On the court, however, you are a beast! Never give up!

Karen said...

Dear Yummy, Need I say more. You are and will always be my No. 1.

Dear Queen and Princess: You made me love the sport and regardless of what anyone else may say (are you listening Larry Scott) you ladies brought tennis to the masses and made people all over the world, including in countries which do not have a history of playing tennis pick up a racquet and start to play. On this day dedicated to love, from my heart to yours, I wish you ladies a Happy Valentines Day.

oddman said...

Rafito, you are a fantastic inspiration and role model - I love your fight, your iron will, and your never-say-die attitude. And I don't mind the 'famous ass' just a bit, lol.
Keep up the good fight!