Saturday, February 23, 2008


Tennis. Politics. Politics. Tennis. What to do? I've been choosing politics. It's not like there's tennis on the TV till the weekend anyway.


Karen said...

Not much tennis on tv and what is on is not very exciting. TC is following the route of its predecessor ESPN by giving us tape delayed matches while live tennis is going on. Ridiculous.
Craig, please do not take this the wrong way, but what the hail is going on with Andy Roddick. He is abusing officials, abusing lower ranked players, cursing at spectators, describes himself as a brat, and basically ostracising what few fans he has left in the game. He has basically admitted that he was a brat before Jimmy and it is not Jimmy that is making him behave this way. Is he on drugs or something. I mean all the signs are there: the jitteriness on court, the change of moods, the constant sweating, the bulging eyes. One has to ask the question if this fellow is doing all right because it certainly does not seem that way. He has guaranteed himself a place in the HoF (Michael Chang did it with one slam) by being part of the winning DC team, yet what little accolades he received for this is going right down the toilet. Craig, talk to your boy.

tangerine said...

Hi Craig, you update your blog more often than I do mine so I think you're doing a swell job of juggling your interests. The U.S. political scene is especially exciting this year so I don't blame you for getting involved with that.

I checked my TV Guide to see if FSN was going to show us the SAP matches and sure enough, I'll get to see both the semis and final -- exactly two days after they are completed. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Regarding Andy's behavior vs Nishikori the other day, I saw a short video of it and frankly I don't think it was nearly as bad as people have made it out to be. Needless drama and overreaction always seems to follow Andy. He's a sparkplug for controversy.

Craig Hickman said...

Karen, it's nice to "see" you. Tennis has been background music for me. TTC will be in the toilet if they can't show live tennis. There's simply no excuse for it. Buy the rights. There's too much cash available for TTC not to be able to afford them.

I watched portions Sharapova defeating Radwanska and Zvonareva defeat Li. I wasn't impressed.

Robin Soderling didn't even break a sweat against Gilles Simon today. That match was over so quickly, I don't even remember what happened.


Thanks for the shoutout, tangy. The political scene is definitely exciting. I majored in government, so this is my thing. And there's nothing like a presidential election year.


Regarding Andy, I've become detached since Melbourne. He had no business losing to that player in the third round. Period. Yes, I'm still a fan, but I haven't been paying much attention to his schedule or his behavior. People have been emailing me about him as though I can do something.

He's who he is and that's that. Like it or lump it.

If he's in crisis, I hope he gets help. That's all I can do.

BeefingFraeulein said...

Here is a mix of tennis and politics from Djokovic:

My Serbian is a bit rough (lol) but a youtuber was kind enough:

Hello to all of Serbia and all who are with us
This is the toughest of times in the history of Serbia
and I want to thank eveyone who has come here to this meeting
and to show the world that we are not small and weak,
that we are united and willing to defend what is ours
I am sad I can not be with you physically right now
and I want eveyone to know that my family and myself are with kosovo always
entire situation is very hard on me as entire history of serbian nation is stemming from kosovo
kosovo is serbian and shall remain so forever.

Karen said...

I too watched the matches from Doha and had to laugh out loud when I saw Sharapova squeaking in on Aga's second serve. She looked so ridiculous doing it because that is so not her game, but I guess she wanted to send a message. It would be instructive to see if she does that to players who have her number and are not afraid of the shrieking and all the other stuff that she brings to the tennis court.
As to politics, even though I am in the Caribbean we always take a seat at the window to watch what is going on inside the big house to the north. I am not particularly rooting for anyone right now as I am not sure how their policies will affect us here in the Caribbean, which is always important. I hear the usual rhetoric about the Cayman Islands, but if people ever knew the truth about the Cayman Islands, they would laugh. I live and work here and it was the hardest place to open a savings account to accept my salary, much more so to dodge taxes. As someone who works in the legal field, it is not as simple as people make it out to be. Anyway, that is a topic for another place.
As to AndyR, I am aware that he is free, white and over 21, but at the same time he is a veteran professional athlete who really should carry himself as a statesman of the game. Then again, you look at who is mentor is and you go no further.

oddman said...

Politics? Mildly interesting. Like you, karen, I keep an eye out for my neighbors to the south, as it will affect Canada too.
Tennis? I'm of the same mindset as Craig about Andy - detached is a good way to put it. Looks like he has a good chance here to grab another title at least. He really should be able to beat Radek. We'll see.
Am pee-o'd that there likely won't be any tv coverage of Indian Wells, at least on any networks I can access. Sigh.
Happy Sunday, all!

Juhan said...

As for Djokovic, nationalism is the worst kind of politics for a sportsman to get involved in. They should be promoting peace and understanding not war.

Karen said...

We are really all from diverse places on the planet arent we. Me in the Caribbean, Oddman in Canada, Craig in the States, would be good if people could say where they are from especially if they are new. Perhaps one day Craig before the real tennis season starts you could do a blog entry on where I am from and why I love tennis.
Politics - the bane of the world's existence. A necessary evil. I recall when I was younger I did not pay much attention to politics now I ensure that my son is aware of what is happening around him. I encourage him to listen to the news and read the papers and have an opinion about everything, even things that he would not necessarily have an interest in because ultimately it will affect him either in the work place, travelling everything. I recall when my brother and his wife migrated to Canada a few years ago I mentioned to him that Canada is a very liberal society and the way we do things in Jamaica and the way things are done in Canada is way different. I told him that as he has children, the education system is totally different than in Jamaica. 2 years later he wants to send his children back to Jamaica to school. It is very hard when people do not pay attention to what is happening around them and then get culture shocked. Anywho it is always nice to have this forum to air views etc. I am just anxious for the real tennis season to start.
As to tennis coverage on the television, if you have FSN (Fox Sports Network) I understand from message boards that you can see IW/Miami on that. It is times like these I am so happy I bought that second dish to get the Tennis Channel. I am one happy woman.