Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mardy Fish Routs Roger Federer

If somebody had told me that Mardy Fish would be the next American to defeat Roger Federer anywhere in the world since Andy Roddick nearly 5 years ago, I'd have told them they were out of their frickin mind.

But that's exactly what the record books will record. 6-3, 6-2. Woah. The fewest games Raja has won in defeat since he became No. 1 just over five years ago. And Mardy did it on home soil.

Congratulations on the biggest win of your career, Mr. Fish.

I just don't have anything else to say right now.


Helen W said...

Well, while some bloggers (ahem) are tongue tied, the press has been having a field day, with headlines like "Holy Mackerel!" and "Federer Flounders" (argh).

Craig Hickman said...

helen w, I'll need a few days to digest all of this.

tangerine said...

ESPN had the best headline so far with "Holy Mackerel!" I am still stunned by Mardy's run here, and his win over Federer. He made it look so easy! Roddick and everybody else have been butting their heads against the Federer wall for *years* and Mardy freakin' Fish makes it look like a walk in the park. Well done to Mardy. Now, can he hold his nerve in the final vs Djokovic, or will it be a big letdown?

Personally, I am pleased to see yet another final featuring two players not named Roger or Rafael, although Djokovic's appearance in finals is no longer a surprise.

We'll have to wait until clay/grass begins before we see another Roger-Rafa final, methinks.

So is Mirka pregnant or not? Why isn't she at Roger's matches anymore? What is she hiding? ;)

Is Roger still suffering from mono? IW was a repeat of AO where he played great in the first several rounds but then faded away in the semis, looking sweaty, green, and tired. Poor ExFed.

rabbit said...

Congrats Mardy! I'm sure Roddick would also have handily defeated this version of Roger.

Karen said...

Somewhere out in the wilderness Andy Roddick is shaking his head and saying - but I did all of that, hired the best coaches and I still lost. Guess he should have whupped Tommy Hass' a** and given himself half a chance.

edma1022 said...

Mardy deserved this win, and the trophy. Last night, he never hesitated. Played even better than against Daveed, where he almost choked away the match before controlling his nerves.

I thought that fellow imitated Roger very well. It wasn't Roger we saw out ther but an impostor.

I'll wait for the real one to show up soon.