Thursday, March 13, 2008

Open Thread

I am in Milwaukee until next week with family to memorialize my father's death last year and don't know how much Internet access I will have. I won't be able to watch much of Indian Wells either. Please use this thread to talk amongst yourselves about all the action and the Pacific Life Open and other tennis news. Sorry I wasn't able to do my usual previews for this big event.

I appreciate your continued readership and will check in whenever I can. Things should be back to normal soon.

Peace and blessings.


oddman said...

May your trip be filled with fond and dearest memories of your dad, Craig. Safe journey there and back.

Indian Wells - I'm thinking Rafa has a harder row to hoe this year. And a tough draw, what with Blake and Tsonga (both just slaughtered him recently)in his section. Roddick might be one to watch, especially after his big win at Dubai. Is Fed healthy now? Any lingering effects from the mono? Would love to see a Rafa repeat, or a Roddick resurgence.

rabbit said...

Echoing oddman, have a safe trip, Craig!

MMT said...

I think Roddick and Nalbandian make it through their draws to the semi-final, but Nalbo will take it.

Federer will lose in his second match to Nico Almagro. He's 15-3 on the year (tour best), and just beat Nalbandian in Mexico on clay in straight sets after Nalbo won in Buenos Aires the week before. That was Almagro's second title after winning in Brazil earllier.

Almagro has never beaten Federer, but he's taken him the distance twice, and once on hard court last year.

On the other side, you may as well pencil in the Djoker, because Nadal won't even make it past Lopez, who won't have Tsonga to deal with - he'll lose to Mathieu in his first match.

The final will see Djokovic beat Nalbandian and gain points on Nadal for #2.

oddman said...

mmt, I respectfully disagree that Lopez will take out Rafa. Maybe on a fast court, but IW isn't that quick. I love Feli, but don't think he's consistent enough to sustain the game he had last week.

It will be interesting to see if Fed has lost some of his 'aura' around the others. If Almagro takes him out, though, I'll be very surprised. I'd love that, but suspect Fed will be there come last day of the tourney.

How about that Ginepri? Maddening! Sometimes he's such a great player, then he goes away... frustrating. I'll call him as my dark horse. Let's see how far off the mark I am, lol.

kraa said...

Fed might not be as good a last year, but no way he goes down to anyone before QF. Rafa might and probably will lose before SF. There are many who can beat him on good day (Blake. Tsonga, Lopez etc.)

rabbit said...

Hope Roger and Rafa prove you all wrong to meet in the final!

And Roger wins :)

brooklyn1006 said...
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brooklyn1006 said...

Craig, all the best to you! Still think your blog rocks.

(I misspelled a couple of words in the earlier post.)

Anyway, about the tennis, I am hoping DY takes out FLo today. And, I hope Fed gets taken out by the semis. A rattled Fed makes me happy. Sorry, Fedfans, but the FedGod nonsense just really got to me.

Helen W said...

rabbit you got that right!

Except for the last line :)

PeytonAllen said...

Two more wins for Donald Young, one over a ranked Lopez. Are we slowly seeing the hype begin to justify?

Next, Rafa! His first encounter with a top player. Will it be close?

Craig Hickman said...

Nice win for Donald Young.

oddman said...

Ah, crap. Andy's out. That Tommy Haas is a tough one to get second round. Too bad for Roddick.

Karen said...

Someone somewhere posted that it is called the Curse of Dubai. Every player for the last 2 years who has played and either won Dubai or been a finalist has flamed out in IW and Miami. Makes you want to go back and check the records to see if this is really true. Hugs to all Andy fans. I saw the match and I cannot even say that Andy did anything wrong. Tommy was just playing really good solid tennis today and Andy just did not have any answers for it. Tough luck that. Just shows you how hard it is to remain consistent and on top day in and day out.

Helen W said...

OK, so who is going to win in tomorrow's match between Rafa & Jo Wilfred?

oddman said...

I have faith that Rafa will prevail in that rematch, helen. I don't think Tsonga's been able to keep up the kind of stunning play he showed at AO.
But I'm a worrier, and OTOH, he surely must be going into this match feeling confident, knowing that he ripped up Rafa last time they met. As Craig is wont to say, tennis is so mental. (and I agree)The mental part for Rafa is he's got to be confident himself, knowing he was the winner at IW last year, and he likes this tourney, and that'll benefit him.
So, I'm calling Rafa in three. No, make that two.
"I am playing with the confidence, no?"
I love Rafenglish!

Helen W said...

Hi Oddman,

Glad your prediction came true. I think it was a really important win for Rafa.

Neither of them played their best tennis, but it is hardly surprising that Jo-Wilfried did not play the lights-out game that he had against Rafa at the AO. I don't think I've ever seen him play like that.

I felt that the commentary was quite unbalanced -- they spent way more time talking about J-W than about Rafa. It was only at the end, when Rafa broke back in the third set, that the commentators seemed to realize that there were actually 2 players on the court. I like J-W but I loathe one-sided commentary. Oh well.

oddman said...

Yeehaaww! That's my boy! I didn't see the match, and am hoping it'll be on tv later tonight.
Nobody fights harder.

Vamos, Rafa!