Thursday, April 03, 2008

Over The Moon

A thousand words.


oddman said...

You said it. I adore that photo - what a shot! You can just feel how thrilled Rafa is to get another win over the guy that trounced him in New York.
Vamos, Rafa!

oddman said...

My my, Craig, you really are busy with your political stuff and such - no commentez-vous on the Fed-Andy match? Other than your comment yesterday? Our boy's looking good right now, no?

Helen W said...

Phenomenal!!! I love it!

Rafa over Andy in the final :)

oddman said...

I like the sound of that, helen w!

Did you see his match with James? Awesome!

Helen W said...

Yes oddman I watched James & Rafa. A terrific match until the 3rd set when James lost his way.

Didn't Andy play a beautiful game?!? Just fantastic.

All in all there has been some terrific tennis at this tournament.

oddman said...

I could NOT see this fabulous match. Shyt. I hope to get it tomorrow on tape delay with TSN. Nuts.
Anyway, what a great great win for Andy - I am so happy for him!

Man, if it's a Roddick-Nadal final, I am so going to have a hard time picking who to root for.

oddman said...

Yay, big hugs to Craig, wherever you are - our boy did it, yes!!!

No one beats Andy Roddick 16 times in a row, dang it! Hah!

(doin' the Rafa fistpump here, heh heh)