Saturday, April 26, 2008

Raja v. Rafa Final Set, Djoke Punks Out - Again

Yes, I saw both matches. But I have nothing good to say about either of them, so I'll say nothing at all.

I will, however, post these match results compiled by Scoobs over at MTF and delivered to me by Savannah:

2008 Monte Carlo SF Federer 3-6 2-3 RET
2008 DC RUS vs SRB Davydenko 6-4 6-3 4-6 RET
2007 Wimbledon SF Nadal 6-3 1-6 1-4 RET
2006 Umag F Wawrinka 6-6(1) RET
2006 Roland Garros QF Nadal 4-6 4-6 RET
2005 Roland Garros R64 Coria 4-6 2-6 2-3 RET

Talk amongst yourselves.


oddman said...

Didn't see the match or retirement by Djoke, but does NOT surprise me in the least. All hail the next Number 1, what a fabulous player, so good for the sport, blah blah blah.... what a load of shyte.
Bring back your hype post you wrote last year, totally applies here.

Karen said...

Craig, I have to agree with you on this one. This was the worst semifinal of a Masters Series that I have ever seen. Novak is a Djoke. Oddman, as an ardent Fed fan I expected the Joker to give him a run for his money today, and for him to punk out like that - says a lot about his non-existent character. As Robbie Koenig said, the difference here is that Roger would have finished the match. Breathing problems yeah right.

Helen W said...

I see that Rafa & Tommy Robredo just took the doubles at MC, in a match that lasted almost 2 hours.

I'm not sure it was wise for Rafa to play doubles, but it sure is a contrast to Djokovic.

I may be an avid Rafa fan, but I am glad to see Roger back in form and in the final.

Vamos Rafa!

oddman said...

It occurs to me how both Roger and Rafa stay out there on court and take their lumps and beatings like men. Andy Roddick too. Look how Tsonga spanked Rafa at the AO. Or the spankings Fed has done to Andy in the past. Didn't Fed play with a bad ankle at one YEC? Remember Rafa struggling so hard to stay with Ferrer at the USO, despite his knees hobbling him? Djokovic? Meh.

I haven't much liked what I've seen from Rafa this week, he's going to have to up his game against Fed. The good thing is, I know he will. If Fed wants this, he's going to have to really fight for it. I'm also not too worried that Rafa played the doubles today, the guy's got a lot of stamina. He's complained about the schedule, now he's going to live with it and give it his all anyway. We gonna see, no?
Vamos, Rafa!

quark9326 said...

Djokovic pretty much admitted in his interview what went on:

Q. You were already sick in the first set of the previous match.
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Yeah, it’s always like this. Last three days, as I said. But the previous opponents were not, you know, not that tough and I didn’t have long rallies against the previous opponents like I had today.
Obviously I needed that step further and to do something more and special to win the points today. Of course, it’s normal, you’re playing against the best player in the world.

Translation: I retired today because I couldn't play well enough to beat Federer.

It was a disappointing end, but I did see something good in the match: Federer played at an extremely high level. Djokovic couldn't handle that (he's talked a lot of smack about Federer not being good these days) and he was clearly getting anxious and panicky as the match wore on. I do believe he was dizzy and had trouble breathing--however, the main cause probably was the inability to handle the pressure that Federer was putting on him. Dizziness and trouble breathing are classic signs of an anxiety attack.

This is quite a relief to me, I was afraid this year was going to turn into the Djokovic show. And even those of you who are non-Roger fans (well, as long as you're not Djokovic fans, but I don't think there are many here) have to admit that the Roger and Rafa show was better than the Djokovic show.

oddman said...

Gimme the Roger and Rafa show any day!

rabbit said...

Federer has now reached 9 finals in Masters Series tournaments on clay. This is more than Guga, Coria, Ferrero, Bruguera...

Thanks for the interview transcript, quark! Djokovic's attitudes are really pretty ugly.

edma1022 said...

I was actually looking for the Djokovic Mom & Dad interview.

Karen said...

I just a video clip where Federer told Novak's parents to be quiet. I am absolutely stunned by this. I did not know that Fed had it in him. Good for him. I understand that video is on you tube under "Federer Be Quiet. LOL

Mad Professah said...

How many masters series finals has Nadal reached?

Michael said...

Rafa has reached 13 finals in Master's Series events (not including Master's Cup). He has gone 9-4 in those finals. His first final he lost, then won 9 in a row, then is now losing three in a row.

On clay, he's reached 7 finals, going 6-1, only losing to Federer in Hamburg last year. So this is his 8th, one fewer than Federer.

See here for data

vw said...

2008 Monte Carlo SF Federer 3-6 2-3 RET
2008 DC RUS vs SRB Davydenko 6-4 6-3 4-6 RET
2007 Wimbledon SF Nadal 6-3 1-6 1-4 RET
2006 Umag F Wawrinka 6-6(1) RET
2006 Roland Garros QF Nadal 4-6 4-6 RET
2005 Roland Garros R64 Coria 4-6 2-6 2-3 RET

He was winning against Davydenko 2:1 (Davis Cup) when he retired. He wasn’t losing against Wawrinka when he retired 6-6.

chaos-theory08 said...


He was "sick" and he bagel-ed his two previous opponents.

Hey, didn't Roger survive SIX ROUNDS of a Grand Slam with a sickness far worse than a sore throat?

Maybe with that sore throat Novak can't do that shrieking thing he does when serving. That's why he ahd to retire.

vw said...

Fed was playing his other matches just fine with mono at the AO before he played Djok. At that match the mono kicked in again and he was beat in three. So yes, you can play good one day and not the next. Ask Fed.

jaded said...

Oh my God, i absolutely loved that 'be quiet' video!And the way the crowd hooted was music to my ears!Djoke's parents are the pits!

Mara Jade said...

Also, Jelena Jankovic, played her Miami final against Serena Williams, with the flu. She played out the whole match, even taking one set off of Serena.

And if anyone remembers the 2004 Miami Masters match between Roger and Rafa, when Roger was sick? He still played out the match, albeit he lost.

And last years US Open match between David Ferrer and Rafa, clearly Rafa's knees were troubling him and he still played out the match, and he lost.

Like someone said here, Roger and Rafa, and Andy and many of the top ten players take their loses with as much dignity if not grace as their wins. Clearly Nole has problems, and retiring when things are not going his way and not to mention his parents is going to cost him both respect and fans. Which is a crying shame really because he is a brilliant player. But not a champion in the true sense of the word like Roger, Rafa, Pete, Steffi, Justtine, Maria et al.

cms said...

vw - Fed was playing his matches just fine? Did you notice the Tipsy match?

I was willing to give Djokovic the benefit of the doubt until reading his press conference. There is no excuse, imho, for dropping out of a match you are 3 games away from losing because of a sore throat. And his track record really says it all.

vw said...

Round One- Fed in three sets.Hartfield bagled twice.
Round Two-Fed in three sets.Santoro bagled once
Round Three- Tipsy outplayed him but Fed barely pulled it off.
Round Four- Fed in three sets against Berdych

Then Novak beats him in three. So was it mono against two players? This proves my point about playing good one day and not the next. This is what Fed did.

MMT said...

VW - there's no such thing as outplaying your opponent and losing in tennis. You either win or you don't win, and Fed won against Tipsy. All this about sick or not sick is total is absolute crap. You either win or you don't win. Djokovic won in Australia, Fed won in Monte Carlo, end of story.

And as far as I'm concerned, Fed had every right to tell those people where to stuff it. The Djokovic's are Djerks, and it's about time somebody told them off. And if Novak's got a problem with that, in the words of Beatrix Kiddo, "...your mother had it comin'."

vw said...

...and Rafa beat Fed, so all is well.