Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stop the Presses: Querrey Upsets Gasquet!

Sam Querrey rallied to defeat Richard Gasquet 2-6, 6-4, 6-3 in Monte-Carlo. Third claycourt match of 2008, third upset for the tall, spindly American with the big serve and forehand.

But there's more.

The game Sam brought to Melbourne and Las Vegas earlier this year led me to believe he'd perform better on clay than one might expect.

That he's defeated Carlos Moya and Andreas Seppi and now Gasquet supports that belief.

He moves well, is patient, and moves the ball around with angle and slices. He can construct a point, throw in a dropshot and smack a return-of-serve winner. He can unload on a that vicious forehand when the opportunity presents itself.

I'm not saying he's going to win anything important on clay, but I'm impressed.

As for Richie Red Shoes, I called him a Class-A wimp for his Davis Cup shenanigans and I have nothing much to add today.

I'm looking forward to the quarterfinals now. We've got all-Russia, all-Spain, USA vs. Serbia, and Switzerland vs. Argentina.

I'll predict Russia, Spain, Serbia and Argentina in the final four.


Helen W said...

I watched Sam play Richard and I was impressed by his composure as well as his game. He hung in there without any sign of mental shakiness.

BTW, Roger finally looked good today in his match against Monfils.

oddman said...

I like your predictions, Craig. If Nalbandian holds his good form I think he has a heck of a chance to take out Fed. He's always been troubling for the Swiss. Big congrats to Sam, but I think this is as far as he's going to get too.
Yay - Craig is excited about a clay tourney - ha ha!

Vamos, Rafa, one step closer to your first title in a long time.

Craig Hickman said...

I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm excited, oddman. I've only watch three matches.

tangerine said...

Sam the man representing the clay phobic USA with pride. Well done to him! Too bad he's going to lose to Djokovic but he had great run at MC nonetheless.

Speaking of Djokovic I was LOL at Murray's loss to him today. Murray is too easily intimidated by Nole. When he first came on the scene he held so much promise but now he's reverted to being a passive pusher and that's not going to net him many wins in his future.

That tough match Roger had vs RRH in the second round was what he needed to find his confidence and form again. I think he will beat Nalbandian tomorrow.

rabbit said...

Allez Roger!!! Show them why you are #1.

oddman said...

heh, heh, Craig, it was your comment 'I'm looking forward to the quarterfinals now' that got me.
Finally saw Fed's match against Monfils today, IMO Gael made quite a few errors and made it a bit easy for Fed. However, I'd have to say the same about Rafa's match too, JC Ferrero was playing an error-strewn match as well.
I think Rafa's going to have a much harder time tomorrow against Ferrer. He'll have to serve alot better.
Sam Q's interview was sweet - he's got nothing to lose, going to enjoy being out there. That'll go a long way. I don't think he'll make things easy for Djoker. Go, Sam!

rabbit said...

So glad your predictions were off by one, Craig! :)

sykotique said...

for once, federer defeats nalbandian when he is actually playing well. good sign for the clay season. props to higueras on fed's tactics and movement.

Helen W said...

So rabbit, how do you feel about the way Federer is playing? Is be back to 100%?

rabbit said...

[b]helen_w[/b], I'm not sure about 100% but it had been a while since Federer was going for and making winners at will like he was doing today. I was especially happy to see Roger repeatedly break Nalbandian, like he did in both the second and third sets, instead of sitting back like he had been doing lately. I feel good about tomorrow :)

Mad Professah said...

Federer-Djokovic semi should be scrumptious. I pick Raja.

Although in a Rafa-Raja final I would pick Rafa.

quark9326 said...

Craig, I'd love to see your commentary on the Djokovic retirement vs. seemed throughout the match that he mentally couldn't handle the pressure that Federer was bringing to the table (remember, Djokovic's parents have told the world that their son will *NEVER* lose to Federer again) and decided to end it on his terms instead of Federer's.

Craig Hickman said...

quark, I guess Djoke's retirements are pretty obvious. He doesn't like losing to certain players at certain events and since he has no integrity he quits and makes excuses after the fact. That's about all I can say.