Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Venus Takes Indefinite Hiatus

Associated Press
AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. Six-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams will be sidelined indefinitely, though she did not say why she will be out of action.

"I've just been having some issues that I need to resolve, so I'm working on that at the moment and I'm hoping to be back playing as soon as possible," Williams said Tuesday at the Bausch & Lomb Championships. "I'm not going to get any further into it, but of course I love the sport."

Williams said last week she was dealing with a medical issue when she announced her withdrawal from the Bausch & Lomb tournament. She played last week in the Sony Ericsson Open, losing to Svetlana Kuznetsova in the quarterfinals.

Williams will not play for the United States in the Fed Cup semifinal against Russia on April 26-27, but did not rule out any other tournaments and said she still wants to play in the French Open beginning in late May.

"Of course I want to be there (in France)," Williams said. "I don't want to be at home watching on TV. Watching this week will be enough on TV, so hopefully not too many more weeks."


I don't know what to make of this. I hope she takes care of whatever is going on and gets ready to defend her title at Wimbledon.


Karen said...

i bet you the anaemia is back she needs to go and get a blood transfusion - then again because of religion she may not do it I hope she gets well soon

brooklyn1006 said...

This just breaks my heart. I luv Venus. She's the one player I am emotionally attached to, and when she's not well, I worry. She has my prayers.

Mad Professah said...

Is it health related? is she gonna get married??

BeefingFraeulein said...

Ditto to what Brooklyn said.

I was just watching her '05 Wimbledon match against Pierce. Amazing intensity. Regardless, Venus has nothing to prove. 14 slams (including singles, doubles and mixed) and 2 gold medals -- not bad for a skinny girl from Compton!!

Great champion on and off the court.

Karen said...

beefingfraulein, that is an amazing accomplishment and I am sure that a lot of the women on the WTA would give their arms legs or any other body part to have accomplished that much in their careers. The good thing about Venus is the way she conducts herself both on and off the court. I have noticed that recently most commentators have really started to look up to Venus and have been singing her accomplishments both on and off the court. Usually you would hear well if she had dedicated herself more to tennis she would have accomplished so much more, but now they are looking at her overall quality of life and realising that perhaps she did know what she was doing as now she is an accomplished businesswoman, she is known as a sportswowman both on and off the field and she is given the respect of her peers. Like Brooklyn, she has always been my favourite sister and I hope and pray that all is well with her.

b said...

I was worried that it might be a fibroid (which could have caused the anaemia). Hopefully not cysts. Hopefully it's just anaemia - which would make sense for the "indefinite" time as they are waiting for her iron to go back up.

I don't think you ever get transfusions for anaemia unless you are about to die and venus can't possibly have it that serious or she would be hospitalised.

Also for an athlete I imagine tranfusions have additional concerns. (Curious if anyone knows anything about athletes being concerned that a transfusion might arouse suspicions of doping? I know asthma medication has got players into trouble before)