Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 1: Goodbye, Guga

He may go down in history as the only tennis champion for which no one spoke an ill word.

Thanks for the memories.


tennischick said...

great pictures, great athlete, unforgettable moment.

nice to run across another tennis blog!

edma1022 said...

The owner of the most fluid one-handed backhand in the men's game, past or present.

We'll miss him terribly.

Federer's loss against him counts as maybe his one big chance to win RG (before the Nadal era).

We'll miss him terribly.

Nestor said...

goodbye guga! my favorite player. im not ready to anoint a new one yet.

brooklyn1006 said...

Guga exited the right way. At his favorite tournament with the adulation of the crowd and giving respect to the ATP Tour which made his career possible. Someone should have given the memo to Justine.