Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Foro Italico Open Thread

I haven't watched any tennis this week, so I haven't a clue who's in form, who's not. Please share your match reports and thoughts about the results as they roll in this week.


Helen W said...

Yes rabbit, continuing from the other thread, Roger seems to have added a couple of new shots to his clay game. Good on him.

For Rafatards, here is an article by Neil Harman from the Times Online.

Vamos Rafa!

And a hats off to Jo Willie's great sportsmanship in his oh-so-close loss to compatriot Gilles Simon.

oddman said...

Thanks helen w. That's me - a Rafatard.
I really hope he can do it. I can't believe it myself that he's done so well for so long, and it's human nature to expect something bad to happen now. (well, this human, anyway) I'm also pleasantly surprised at actual press focused on Rafa's achievements for themselves, and not as a foil for Fed's unsuccessful attempts at claiming clay titles.
However, there are other stories too - I wonder if Gonzo can get to the finals of Rome, looks like he's playing well. And Andy Roddick won (over Fish, yes) but still... good for him. Too bad about Tsonga. I was wondering how his form would be. As a Rafatard, he scares me alot. (the AO beatdown is fresh in my memory)
I like Ferrer alot. Actually, I always have, and I hope he can do well in Italy. Vamos, Spaniards!

Helen W said...

Yes oddman, I too have been pleasantly surprised that the press is (finally) talking about Rafa not in the context of Federer.

Good to see Roger playing well.

Have you been reading Ferru's blog at the ATP site? (There's a picture of him with Rafa and Charlie ....) I like him alot too.

I really like Jo Wilfried (and like you the AO beatdown still makes me nervous), although I find the excessive fawning over him by Robbie Koenig on the ATP Masters Series TV to be wearing.

BTW, Fish took down Michel Llodra in the previous round which isn't too shabby. Glad they both entered, wish Sam Querrey was with them.

And Bravo to Queen Serena!