Tuesday, May 06, 2008

German Open Open Thread

See above.

UPDATE: Highlights from Berlin. (Thanks, karen!)


Karen said...

Craig, you are getting lazy now. Enough is enough. We need our fearless leader. Today is Tuesday and no tirade. What is going on. Politics will be there but good tennis only comes around once in awhile. Tennis has been good. Fed played well today. To be honest Canas did not look himself. my dish has gone down so did not get to see the rest of Tsonga's match (he lost). The Gonzo/Tipsy match was absolutely fabulous and deserves to be in the running for match of the year. Very good performance from Gonzo, especially as he was injured during the match but continued to play (hear that Novak, he continued to play, and he won). OK I will stop now. Serena was absolutely amazing in her win over Schiavone today. Highlights of the match are already on youtube. NikkyV lost to GiselaD, expected but stunned none the less. Andy looked good in his match against Mardy, served well,did not move so well. The clay is playing like a slow hardcourt so not too bad for the players. Tomorrow Rafa plays his first match as does the Joker and Nalby. Hopefully Dish Network will be up by then. For some reason I cannot get ATP tv on my computer at home even though I am signed up. Can only view at work and I am home on leave.

Craig Hickman said...

karen, I'm honored and humbled to be missed.

But a presidential election happens once every four years and today was another huge day in the Democratic primary.

I'm not lazy. I'm fried.

Big difference.

Give Savannah a BIG HAND. She's watching and reporting on the sport we love and I'll be back to normal by Wimbledon for sure, if not earlier.

DeLiCiA said...

This is my video mate. Belgicanofl!!!!