Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Perfect Day

Rafael Nadal won his fourth Barcelona title with a 6-1, 4-6, 6-1 victory over compatriot David Ferrer.

If Rafa doesn't go down as the best claycourt player in history, I'll be surprised. When he's on, you simply have little chance to beat him.

His record on clay this year remains perfect.

Fast Cars

Fernando Gonzalez won his second title of the season with a 7-6(4), 6-7(4), 6-3 over Simone Bolelli at the BMW Open by FWU AG in Munich.

Gonzalez' record on clay this year remains perfect.


chaos-theory08 said...

Rafa already is one of the best. He just won't admit to it haha.

oddman said...

Yes he is. And I love that he tries to deflect all that hype and praise.
What a gorgeous piece of machinery for Gonzo! Congrats to both Rafa and Gonzo!
On to Roma. I see Reeshard is out already. What is going on with that fellow?

rabbit said...

Congrats Rafa and Fernando.

Allez Roger in Rome! Time to break Rafa's clay court streak a little earlier this season :)

oddman said...

Hey, rabbit. Looks like Fed has a tough draw in Rome. That ought to toughen him up and tighten his clay game, no? I hope that Djoke gets through far enough for Fed to put a serious spanking on his retiring ass. Better yet, that Djoke goes out in his first match. Maybe the 'strep throat' is still affecting him? Bah.
If Fed does break Rafa's clay streak early, you can bet Rafa will come out with guns blazing in Paris. No mercy for Fed.

chaos-theory08 said...

Oh if Rafa wins Rome, it'll be a three-peat of the four-peat.

Yeah, whether in English or Spanish, Rafa is very humble about this achievements. I even read something, "Yes, I lost but considering I lost to Roger -- it wasn't bad tennis." Haha, when it comes to Roger, he's SO gracious. And vice versa.

oddman said...

Not just Roger. After his semi win over Gremelmayr (6-0,6-1) he was asked if he thought he'd given him a beating, and Rafa said 'no more beating than the one Youzhny gave me in Chennai.'
I may have mentioned earlier on this blog that I love this kid, no? Only a few times, Craig? LOL

chaos-theory08 said...

^ Yeah, I noticed that. It's a replay of his "bad tennis at Chennai, noh?" Haha, that game was terrible. XD

I like Rafa. I don't know why there are people who tell me that I can't like the boy (he's merely 2 years older than me haha) if I'm a Roger fan.

rabbit said...

Rafa is definitely very appreciative of Roger. Just recently, I read this Spanish article where, in my limited understanding of Spanish, he again says that Roger is the best and is in a different category than in all the other players on the circuit. It seems kind of strange of him saying that right after he beat Roger in Monte Carlo but I guess he is talking overall in terms of technique on all surfaces.

I really like Rafa too, his game and his character. It's just that I like Roger's a bit more :)

Speaking of Roger, a dominating performance today against Canas. 34 winners, 8 aces. 18 of those winners coming from the forehand side. I think Roger's forehand is back! And now he has two new weapons, the dropshot and the angled forehand. Both could cause Rafa problems should they meet. It would take Rafa off court and allow Roger more opportunities to blast winners through the court. Exciting times ahead!