Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sick And Tired

What a difference a day makes.

I was actually looking forward to today's semifinals. I wanted to see Radek Stepanek subdue he who will not be named. I wanted to see Andy Roddick upset the mentally frail Stanislas Wawrinka.

But Radek was sick and Roddick was tired. Two seminfinals; 10 lopsided games played.

Oh. Well.

I hope the booing fans got a full refund.


Helen W said...

Actually, they got a reduction of 50% of the ticket price for the women's event.

Here's a fantastic article by Richard Evans on the issue of the withdrawals. He points out:

"To focus more on the immediate glut of injuries, it is reasonable to assume that many of them are being caused by the fact that the players went through a rigorous hard court season in America; traveled far and wide for Davis Cup matches, many of which were played on different kinds of surfaces and then switched immediately to European clay. Different surfaces require the use of different muscles and it takes time to adjust. Most of the players have not had that time."

He also mentions how hard hard courts are on the body (maybe that's how they got their name?).

Are the WTA and ATP listening?

Denise said...

Bummer of a semifinal Saturday....and no one to root for tomorrow either..............

Craig Hickman said...

Roddick was rested. He took a few weeks off after Davis Cup. He was smart. But his body seemed tired. That long match yesterday had to have come into play. And apparently he strained a muscle last week moving into his new condo in New York so this could easily be a revisitation of that.

oddman said...

Got to see Roddick on telly, boy, he did look lamed up. Tsk. Nice article, helen w, isn't it next year that the ATP has increased the ratio of hardcourt tourneys to other surfaces? I would love to see more grass and clay. Why don't they make it 25% each surface? You can see why Rafa's been complaining about it, since early on last year. (long before he went on such a huge clay winstreak)
Obviously grass and clay must be harder to maintain than hard surfaces. Economically HC makes more sense.
I have to think yes, the way Andy was throwing himself around yesterday, and running down all those balls (not to mention sliding like a Spaniard, lol!) probably didn't help. Did you see him sliding? Beautiful!
Root for Stan, denise! Go, Stanni!

tristann said...

Silly doesn't begin to convey what has happened in this tournament. I am hoping that tomorrow Stan wins, but frankly I don't care that much. All I ask is that it be either a blowout either way, or involve a retirement. I feel sorry for the fans in Rome, but if nothing salvages the disaster that this tournament has turned out to be, it will be harder to ignore the truth. That Evans article is a good start. Better late than never.

Nadal has been speaking up a lot, for quite some time now, but it has fallen mostly on deaf ears. He has made some judgment errors, and I ranted on those in an earlier post, but there is no denying that he was facing some very unfair choices. The scheduling has affected many players, but he was the one who stood to lose the most during this clay season. I think that is the reason certain other high visibility players chose to keep silent. The thought of Nadal limping into RG after four weeks of desperately trying to defend points might have been too tempting for some players (and their fans).
Well, karma is a bitch, ain't it? I'll leave it at that, rather than go into another long rant.

One good thing that came out of this, Craig, is that both Roddick and Blake have gained a lot of respect after their performances in Rome.

Cate said...

What a crappy tournament.

RETIREMENT is the word of the season, thanks to THAT person.

rabbit said...

Hope Roger will be giving some useful advice to Stan, though not sure how useful that will be. Anyways, I agree, this has been a pretty crappy tournament.

cp said...

ret. (dizzyness)

Novak retired down a set and losing second due to dizziness and got crucified for it.

"Hope Roger will be giving some useful advice to Stan,"

Roger himself has trouble beating Novak so I don't know what useful advice he could possibly give Stan.

Dan Scarlett said...

Bravo Tristann....! ..for your observation about "'certaIn high profile players" not backing up Nadal's complaint about the clay schedule--- because they were secretly enjoying the prospect of 'Nadal's limping into the FO' ! Devastatingly accurate!
But wait (you less than noble would-be FO
Champions)---there is already discussion afoot that it may be a blessing in disguise for Rafa---who (esp. if has the good sense to skip Hamburg) will be rested and restored to his top self. Karma indeed!

Cate said...

Sports greats have trouble translating their "magic" into words. So I don't think Roger won't be much of a help to Stan.

But hey, the kid reached the finals -- three-setters and whatnot. You got to give him credit for that.

tangerine said...

That was the worst day of semifinals I've ever seen. I'm surprised the Romans didn't riot.

Helen W said...

tangerine I wish they had! Everyone likes to make fun of the volatile Italians, even us Canucks with our hockey riots .... Where are they when we need them?