Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 6: Open Thread

Arnaud Clement of France, one of the veterans on the men's side who survived week one.

I was thoroughly bored by the tennis today, what of it I saw, anyway. Admittedly, it had as much to do with the need to do some serious farming (I'm tired as a mule) and yesterday's classics, which are still fresh in my memory.

So today's recaps belong to all of you.

Tell us what you saw and drop links if you like.

See you on Middle Sunday when we will post our desires/predictions for week two.


Helen W said...

I agree that today's matches were not as enthralling as yesterday's, although Youzhny - Stepanek had its moments.

I'm glad Rafa got through Kiefer, although I did not expect a different result.

I used to loathe Kiefer BTW as a very poor sportsman who would do anything, including cheat, to win. But after the latest of his many injuries he seems to have had some kind of epiphany, and has become much more likeable on court. It was fun to see him smile near the end of the third set when he finally held his serve -- just before breaking Rafa for the onoy time in the match.

rabbit said...

Rafa was awesome, his play frighteningly good.

Craig Hickman said...

helen w, as a poster over at TAT said about the Youzhny-Stepanek affair:

"That's a lot of mental illness on one court. But how entertaining!"


rabbit, from what I saw you are right.

Doc_P said...

I watched the tennis on Wimbldon Live, so I didn't have to suffer the networks choice of tape delayed matches, or their poor announcing teams.
I started with JJ-Wozniacki (good eye candy if not the best tennis), then Peer-Safina (two of my favorites) which if it didn't have the best technique on display, the competition could not be better, as both players gave everything they had and more for 3 1/2 hrs.
I finished with Nadal-Kiefer, which featured amazing tennis and Boris Becker in the booth.
All in all, a very satisfying day.
Wimbledon Live. It might be the best $25 I have ever spent.

chaos-theory08 said...

For some reason, I find Boris Becker entertaining haha.