Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 7: Poetic Justice (Updated)

Funny that. Last year, Richard Gasquet beat Andy the Elder after being down two sets and a break. This year, Richie Red Shoes loses to Andy the Younger after being up two sets and a break.


The crowd was the loudest I've ever seen for a tennis match, and Andy the Younger encouraged their loudness.

You can't write this stuff.

I've got much more to say about today's action than this, but I had a farming "emergency" that needed to be dealt with, so I'll update this to include my usual daily quips later.

Till then, talk amongst yourselves.


Subdued Safin

The man means business. A subdued Safin beat Stanislas Wawrinka convincingly, despite dropping the third set in a tiebreak. If he can stay this focused and composed...

Veterans' Day

30-year-old Arnaud Clement, Wimbledon quarterfinalist. Say it again.

Thailand's 31-year-old Tamarine Tanasugarn, Wimbledon quarterfinalist. Say it again. (I told you she had a draw she could work with.)

32-year-old Rainer Schuettler, Wimbledon quarterfinalist. Say it again.

Nuff said.

Sisters Slammed

When the AP can run an article asking if Wimbledon was trying to send Serena and Venus Williams a message by putting them both in the Graveyard, then you know there's trouble in Paradise. I understand that the sisters are big draws, perhaps the big draws, for audiences in the States, but just because US networks wanted raitings doesn't mean Venus, especially, as defending champion should have been playing her fourth round match on Court 2.

I'll probably rant about this in full in a Wimbledon postscript. But for now, all I'll says is that the sisters took care of business on the Graveyard Court, winning all three of their matches without dropping a set. Serena didn't even drop serve in singles or doubles.


The best revenge is living well.

Photos of the Day

Resurgent Nadia Petrova

Mario Ancic dodged a bullet

So did Feliciano Lopez

That's my girl

Sexy Sting watches Andy the Elder beat Red Shoes


Karen said...

Craig, not only was it loud, but the commentary was so biased, bigoted etc. etc. etc. I tell you these English people really piss me off sometimes. Richie Red Shoes should have won that match. The darkness at the end of the match was really bad and Gasquet protested to no avail. The crowd was just awful and I hope the next time they meet the French crowd are equally disgusting to Andy Murray who I really cannot stand (big surprise there).

Beth said...

Karen, I am with you on this. This match was Gasquet's to lose (despite what the pre-match predictions were). I was so disappointed to see Murray win. Oh well...let's hope he used up all his matches in this one and has little left for Wednesday.....

oddman said...

Hope your farming emergency is all set to rights now, Craig. Am eagerly awaiting your recap, as I haven't been able to see much more than a bit of Yooz-Nadal, and NBC's ridiculous schizophrenic coverage. Bah on them!

tangerine said...

Murray's bravado was over the top during this match. Him flexing his pebble muscles at the end of that match was beyond cheesy.

Thankfully, Rafa will get to show the boy what real big muscles look like up close and personal. Muahaha.

And yeah it is weird how Richie lost exactly in the same manner as AndyR did last year.

Nadal and Federer cruising along nicely, ho hum. Both guys looked kind of nervy in their matches today. They're definitely feeling the heat and the pressure. Give Novak credit, he called it! ;)

With Jankovic going out, I no longer care who wins Wimbledon on the women's side. I was hoping for a new champion but I don't see anybody capable of stopping the WS. Still, a WS final would be great to see again, it's been a long time. At least they're holding up their end of American tennis. The men should be embarrassed how badly they're representing. Every slam they end up breaking new records of mediocrity.

I wonder how many more upsets can we expect to see this week?

Mad Professah said...

I do think it was pretty obnoxious they kept a British player out there so that he could win his match in THE LATEST MATCH EVER PLAYED AT WIMBLEDON (ended at 9:44pm London time)

That being said, i do think that Murray could use the crowd to beat Nadal, although on paper Nadal should beat Murray EASILY in 3 sets.

The only hiccup to anoter Raja-Rafa final could be Lopez in the semis. How about an all-Spanish wimbledon final :)

[No that's not my official prediction)

Craig Hickman said...

Lopez can't beat Federer on any surface. If there's not going to be a Rafa-Raja final, look to Marat or Schuettler to stop the showdown.

Yeah, I said Schuettler and I mean Schuettler.

Serena hasn't been past the quarters of a Slam since she won Melbourne last year. Radwanska is a pesky player. Serena will be nervous as hell. I'm not saying she'll lose, but I won't at all be surprised.

Tammy T got grasscourt game. She's no match for Venus. Or is she?

We'll see.

The point is that there's still a chance to crown a new Wimbledon and/or Slam champion on both tours.

I take nothing for granted at this point.

oddman said...

An all-Spanish Wimbledon final? Talk about giving those stuffed shirt AELTC members apoplexy! Hah!

It could happen. Would that it be so... sigh.

Can both Safin and Lopez keep their well-known mental frailties in check - would be a great match. I do like the way Safin is very quietly and workmanlike going about his business - that's the dangerous one. Remember AO 05? No histrionics at that slam, and look who was holding the trophy at the end. Who's it gonna be this year?

R.C. French said...

What is it you like about Schuettler, Craig? I'm interested to know.

rabbit said...

The player who got most affected by the AELTC's blatant sexism was the #2 seed, Jelena Jankovic. Not only did she get shafted to court 18 but her request to play later because of an injury got no response from the officials. And as others have pointed out elsewhere, Rafa had no problems rescheduling his matches so that he could watch the Euro cup in relaxation...

cate said...

Sure Lopez can't beat either Roger or Rafa but he could sure take a set from them. (Hottie Feli took a set from Roger in past meetings and has beaten Rafa before.) He has the game on grass and I'm REALLY happy for him.

As for Murray. Ugh. The crowd will do no damage to Nadal. Or the crowd respects Nadal too much to scream like they did in the Gasquet match.

Craig Hickman said...

r.c. french,

There isn't really anything in particular I like about Rainer but I know how dogged a competitor he is and his game has no weaknesses.

Helen W said...

Here's a hilarious article from Peter Bodo at about Mr. Muscle aka Andy Murray.

"Under other circumstances, the irony in the appellation would be too delicious, given that the pale and skinny Murray's most lethal assets sometimes appear to be those prominent teeth."

And so forth.

VinceVega said...

Gasquet was serving for the match and couldn't pull the trigger.

Credit to Murray for riding the shift of momentum and the crowd to victory.

I'm not surprised the AELTC kept the game going, wanting their British player to close out the deal. If Gasquet hadn't choked when he was serving for the match in set 3, this would have been a moot point.