Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blake Back in Business

He crashed out of Wimbledon in the second round. But James Blake is looking to reclaim a title he held two summers ago at the Indianapolis Tennis Championships, the first ATP event of the US Open Series.

The reporters are calling his performance rusty. He still managed to advance in straight sets of pesky Israeli Dudi Sela.

And a shoutout to Bobby Reynolds, the last American man standing at Wimbledon, who defeated last year's runner-up Frank Dancevic 6-7(6), 6-3, 6-2. It's the American's second consecutive win over the Canadian, whom he also beat in the second round in London.


tangerine said...

It'll take a few matches for James to get comfortable and confident again. He's had a forgettable year so far but things should start picking up for him soon. Hardcourt season is J-Block season after all. ;)

tangerine said...

Off-topic but do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched by the tennis media and they cop some of your ideas for their own sites? Example:'s new article published today:
Roddick's Seven Stages of Grief

My post made earlier in June:
Roger's Five Stages of Grief

Maybe I'm just being paranoid. If not for the fact that I've seen and writers lift many ideas and comments directly from tennis blogs and messageboards before. Oy.

oddman said...

Tangerine, I read similar posts to yours right after you posted it on quite a few message boards. I'm sure others are reading and copping too. Saw my statement about 'this is more about the acsendency of Rafa than the decline of Fed' many times too. Either that, or we're all getting the same ideas at about the same time. That IS possible, I suppose.

tangerine said...

Oddman, I think you're right. The tennis nerd crowd tends to think as one unit sometimes. But it's still funny to see someone like Peter Bodo call Roger "The Spartan Cardigan" when you just know he got the whole spartan idea from MTF where it originated.

oddman said...

Awww, gee, I'm officially in the Tennis Nerd Crowd now. I love it!

(where's my T-shirt?)

tangerine said...

Oddman, we are ALL tennis nerds.

Here's your sign.


Helen W said...

Now don't be impatient, oddman. Your Wimbledon t-shirt will come soon!

Craig Hickman said...

good to see you tangerine!

If you words got lifted off this blog, I guess that means they're reading it.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

oddman said...

What do you think of McFerson's article? Makes some sense to me. I do like the Agassi suggestion, they do get along, and Andy would listen to him. Agassi knows about playing the challenger circuit, about coming back from a hard place.
Also think Andy is suffering from a major lack of confidence - well, results he's had... duh.
And currently he's injured his shoulder. Damn.

Craig Hickman said...

Oddman, as Andy re-injured his shoulder?

oddman said...

Geez, I thought I read that somewhere, went looking for my source, and couldn't find it. Perhaps I read gossip and assumed it was facts. Apologies all around.

(slaps forehead in dismay)

Maybe I'm thinking he's still recovering from the initial problems in Rome, which followed him to Queens too.

M. R. said...

"Here's your sign.



*credit for tangerine*
*credit for tangerine*

Ms. Tangerine, if I were you I'd be over there RIGHT NOW demanding my press pass and tickets for the Open. (You too, oddman.) If you're good enough to crib from you're good enough for official credentials.

But I live in NYC and sometimes we're just loud and feisty like that.

m (aka rooo)