Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heard Around

by Savannah

There is a great interview with Antoni Nadal in Sport.Scotsman
It was published on July 6, 2008. The quote that stands out for me is this:

But, for Toni, it has never been about the money. Seeing his nephew add the Wimbledon title to his French Open wins could not, he says, be bettered by a pay cheque, which he refuses to take for coaching family.

"If I earn money from him then he becomes my boss. For the player and for me it is much better that the player is not my boss. I think sometimes the problem with these guys is that they are the boss.

"When his father told me 'you must do this' I told him I didn't want anything, because I want to be able to say what I want."
A must read.

And from the opposite end of the spectrum here are Alexandra Stevenson's musings on her "meeting" a young Rafael Nadal. I will let her speak for herself.

(...) I remember all my old Wimbledons, and I even remember a young Rafael Nadal as a junior player, staring me down. It was 2002, and junior players are not allowed to practice at Aorangi, the practice site. Well, a young Nadal, who was playing juniors at Wimbledon, walked down to my practice court that year, which was in the back, and he pressed his face against the gate, watching me hit. It was in the day when I worried about who was around my court because of all the press and the father issues, so I asked my mom to go see who was at the gate. She did. She said to the young boy at the gate, "You are Nadal, the player who is supposed to be a great champion one day." I kid you not. She said that. She invited him in. He said, in broken English, "No, no, I watch her. Semifinals at Wimbledon." And he smiled. It seems he wanted to see the girl who had made history.

I thought that was cute back then -- and, looking back on it, it goes along with him and his champion's mentality -- he cared about history and wanted to see it up close. I want to see it up close again, too.


For more, and to find out who thinks Rafa is unmarketable please go to Savannah's World

We Are the Champions

Juan Martin del Potro, Mercedes Cup champion

Victor Hanescu, Allianz Suisse Open champion

Tommy Robredo, Catella Swedish Open champion

Sara Eranni, Internazionali Femminili di Tennis di Palermo Champion

Fabrice Santoro, Newport Hall of Fame International Champion

Alize Cornet, Gaz de France Grand Prix Champion


M. R. said...

Hello, everyone.

I’ve been lurking quietly and following along ‘cause I like Craig’s writing and I’m sponsoring a delegate to the convention (congratulations, Craig! I may to email you).

I was with oddman and the small percentage who called Wimbledon for Rafa in 5 (Craig, you can check my IP address if you must verify ;-)), and I’ve been commenting a little on TP’s blog.

But I could stay silent no longer when I read about the poor, deluded, presumably landlocked ad guy who, I will wager, is going to hide his face in shame – soon – because he was quoted in Bloomberg as saying Rafa is unmarketable. *rolleyes*

If I’m not mistaken, Rafa has multiples in some of his contracts that are triggered on conditions like winning Wimbledon, and ascending rankings. Hmmm ...

The fact that he speaks Spanish unlocks Latin American markets almost automatically (there’s already a lot of shrieking when he goes down to hang out with Nalbandian in Buenos Aires, no?). The fact that he’s Mallorcan and can speak Castilian reinforces his value in those markets (I’m sure lots of you will catch the allusion here without my browbeating it).

He’s already HUGE in Malaysia, the Philippines, and other South Asian markets (Kia spots). Madonna and Beyonce did the same thing; they did tons and tons of advertisements that run nationally in other countries; we just didn’t see them here in the States.

And one more thing. I’m a girl, so I’m sure I’m a bit biased. But last I saw that Gillette commercial with fine Tiger and fine Rogi, I don’t remember either one of them saying a word. Well, I’ve learned a lot about razors watching that commercial, and I’m sure I’d learn a lot more about whatever razor, car, champagne, watch, or casino Rafa chose to endorse – without him having to do a single voiceover.

Now I’m from Indiana. I understand landlocked. But this is why I moved to NYC. (And actually, I’m glad Mr. Adman said what he said – maybe I’ll still get a chance to meet Rafa this summer before security gets as bad as it was around PE back in the day when my mama said I was too young to go to the concerts!)

m (aka rooo)

Craig Hickman said...


Thanks for breaking your silence and posting comment here.

Please do email me!

oddman said...

Hi m.r.! How'd we know that, hmmmm? I just figured Fed wouldn't let that match go by without a fight, but still knew he was doomed in the end. Whoo-hoo, still enjoying this win.

As for the Rosner fella, is he basing his remarks about US markets only? Cos there's a whole big world out there beyond American borders. D'uh.

Can't remember which tourney, but that Kia ad of Rafa in the desert played pretty much nonstop the whole time on TSN, the Canadian affiliate. And *with* Rafa's end comment 'who is next?' incuded, Spanish accent and all. Loved it!

Rosner's a fool.