Friday, July 11, 2008

Journey to Beijing


The International Tennis Federation has announced the release of a beautiful new book to promote the Beijing Olympics. According to the ITF,

The 140-page publication features a series of specially commissioned photographs of the game’s top names dressed as athletes from other summer or winter Olympic sports. These are accompanied by interviews with the players talking about their Olympic memories and hopes for Beijing.

The photographs were taken over a six-month period by some of the world’s leading tennis photographers, with photo shoots held in venues as varied as Barcelona, Beijing, Dubai, Indian Wells, Los Angeles, Miami, Melbourne, Moscow, Netherlands, Palm Beach, Santiago, Shanghai and Tel Aviv.

Here are some of my favorite images. Click on them to enlarge.

You can see the entire book as e-zine here.


Helen W said...

Exquisite! What an amazing idea.

oddman said...

Truly lovely photos. I think Rafa would have been the footballer anyway, had he not chosen tennis.

Serena and Jelena look fantastic.

Beth said...

Fantastic pictures! Liked Dementieva garbed for softball and the Bryan brothers as baseball players. And, Rafa in soccer cleats? I have only 3 words: HOLD ME BACK! :-)

Beth said...

Just looked at the rest of the book online....what a great idea and a very beautifully photographed book. Thanks so much Craig for providing the link!

alice said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for the link!

(I just found your blog -- I'm so sorry I just missed watching Wimbledon with all you fine people -- and have really enjoyed spending the last hour or so in the archives -- very nice job! I'll be checking in via the rss feed...)

tangerine said...

Could Rafa look any more perfect as a footballer?