Monday, July 14, 2008

News Flash!

Astronomers have named an asteroid after Rafael Nadal!

The 22-year-old has had the asteroid - which is 4 kilometres in diameter - discovered in 2003 and previously known as 128036 named in his honour by the Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca, from where Nadal hails.
Read more about it here .


cate said...

and all Roger got was a milking cow.


tangerine said...

Planet Vamos. Vamos!

Poor Roger got a cow, a stamp, and his back on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

oddman said...

Hee hee - yes, the Fedfans are pretty up in arms about that SI cover, not to mention Roger's back is presented, and it's a bit unflattering to him. makes me laff.
Heavenly body or cow? Those Spaniards know how to honor their athletes.
If (big big 'if') Rafa manages to win the USO, would SI honor him with Sportsman of the Year? Doubt it, can see some Olympian this year. Speaking of, amazing that Dara Torres! Yay for the old girls, whoo hoo!
Could I dare dream that Rafa, number two and in Fed's shadow for so long, could actually win three out of the four slams in one year? I still think it's an amazing feat for him to have two in one year. I'm happy he's done that much, should not wish for more.

M. R. said...

cate, I have to admit I’ve was wondering about that cow. (When I first read about that, I thought: “Is Rogi Hindi and no one knew it before this?”)

The silly girl in me says: Rogi gets a cow, Rafa gets a rock.

The giggling fangirl in me says: Shooting stars for shooting stars. Heavenly bodies for heavenly bodies.

The Virgo observer in me wonders what it means for time, history, and our heroes’ psychology, that it took Rogi five Wimbly championships to get his stamp, while Rafa gets his asteroid after only one (and from his “hometown” observatory, if you will. Now if they rename Jodrell Bank RafaBank, or the Hubble the RafaScope, I may have more to say).

I wonder what it would take to keep me level-headed in the face of all this ever-exponentially-expanding hysteria.

oddman, I get the sense you live up to your moniker, so I will be watching your predictions. I think it’s still early to count asteroids, and we may be in for some surprises.

Rogi is carrying the Olympic flag for Switzerland. Rafa wasn’t in the last Olympics because he was having trouble with his foot. Marat? The Djoker? The force of the mighty J-Block??

To misquote Snoop – I’m trying to “chill … till the next episode.”

Craig Hickman said...

Rafa is the first Spaniard/native Spanish-speaking man to win Wimbledon in the Open Era.

(Conchita Martinez is the only woman.)

Impressive as they are, Raja's accomplishments at Wimbledon in the Open Era have a precedent.

I added native Spanish-speaking because I think we all know this history isn't only about nationalism.

A planet is an appropriate tribute.

As was the cow.

oddman said...

'As was the cow.'


Savannah said...

Craig you ain't right.

rabbit said...

I'm tired of arguing in support of Roger :( Say whatever you will about him, but he won't go away as easily as people would like.

Helen W said...

rabbit I agree with you. And I'm sorry you feel somewhat forced into a corner -- believe me I know how you feel. I believe things are starting to return to normal after Wimbledon, and will gradually take the proper perspective. Hang in there!

oddman said...

Hi Rabbit. No, Fed won't go away, that's for sure. I'm thinking we're going to see Vengeful Fed come this summer, don't you? He might be wanting to put a hurt on anybody he can after losing such a close battle on his home turf. I just hope it's Djoker he spanks the most.
m.r. - my predictions? I usually don't volunteer much about Rafa, as I fear jinxes. Silly, I know, but that's me. Incidentally, been looking for that post of mine early this year when I told Craig Rafa was going to win Wimby, but can't find it. I remember that, it is 'the true'.
The Rafa hype is getting to me a bit, intellectually I know he's probably not going to fare well on HC again, but dang! He fights so hard, you just never know. And I've read too many press articles praising him to the heavens lately - easy to get seduced by their rhetoric. I told myself b/f Wimby I'd be thrilled if he can make the semi's of the USO. Let's see. (and I didn't mean 'odd' in any gambling sense, if that's what you meant)

rabbit said...

Thanks, helen_w and oddman.

Craig Hickman said...

rabbit, who's asking Federer to go away?

I'm just not seeing it.

We can all be sensitive about our favorites, but there's got to be a limit on how personal we take this stuff, don't you think?

You guy is facing the worst loss of his career.

He's now being tested in a way that he hasn't for years. He seems tough to me in many ways. In others, he doesn't.

Whatever will be will be. None of us can predict his future, we can only hope what we want for it based upon how much (or how little) we regard him.

I didn't pick a winner as my favorite on the men's side. Not that Andy is a loser, mind you, but I've watched him decline/comeback more times than I can count ever since 2003. But he's still a champion, no matter what.

Roger is a champion. Nothing will change that.

I encourage you to breathe.

rabbit said...

It's just that I don't really know how to understand the "As was the cow" line. In any case, as you say, breathing is a good option ;)

Craig Hickman said...

The cow was an appropriate tribute at that time.

That's all.