Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

Did I really mis a five-set thriller between James Blake and Donald Young on Arthur Ashe Stadium last night?

Someone, please, tell us about it.


Karen said...

I watched it. I fell asleep at the start of the third set. Donald played great. Finally. James was suffering from 2 things: Federitis. Symptoms of this disease include: beating Roger Federer and then being unable to win the next match or being unable to convert break points. Went to bed. Got up this morning and saw the results. Sorry

tangerine said...

This was a typical USO night time Blake match, full of drama and surprises and a raucous crowd. After the match Blake said, "I don't do this on purpose." LOL.

I thought Blake would roll over Donald in straights and was prepared to be bored out of my skull. Even Johnny Mac was in that "lets talk about anything other than this match" mode, because it was assumed that Blake would win easily.

The first three sets were forgettable, but Donald surprised everybody and showed a new maturity by digging in and weathering the bad patches. By the fourth set all nerves were gone and it turned into a full blown real tennis match.

I was pleased to see James pull off the win but I think Donald Young is finally coming into his own and learning how to play on the big stage. This match was a big step forward for Young.