Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rafael Superman Nadal, Olympic Champion

As the commentator who introduced the match on USA network said, Rafael Nadal, no longer a "claycourt specialist" can beat anybody, at any time, on any surface. If he's not careful, the moniker Superman is going to stick.

The Spaniard wins Olympic Gold on his first try. A truly remarkable feat. He has now won four of the last five big events. Tomorrow he will be rewarded with the official No. 1 ranking.

As for the match, there isn't much to say other than Rafa showed out, Fernando Gonzalez did the best he could, but it just wasn't enough to even win a set.

On to the US Open.


oddman said...

Superman indeed! Vamos, Superman, gold medallist, Olympic champion, and allcourt player!

What a great year Rafa's been having. Hope it stays this way for just a little while, please.

I'm totally happy today!

Beth said...

Could Rafa possibly have asked for a better year? He must be on cloud nine! Loved the match, got to see the full ceremony online - just so happy for him. He should be incredibly proud of the phenomenal year he has had. Just unreal! GO RAFA! WE LOVE YOU!!

Pamela said...

Superman? I like it! I'm overjoyed for him. It's a shame that he truly hasn't had the time to rest and reflect on what it is that he's achieved this year so far. I'm thrilled that he's #1, or will be in a few hours and that he won a Gold medal. I wish him much luck and minimal time on court at the USO.

oddman said...

Hi Pamela. Maybe it's a good thing that Rafa hasn't had time to reflect yet, although he seems to be awful good at putting any extraneous thoughts aside and playing in the moment, for the most part. I didn't see much of a choke this time in the final. Loved that last forehand winner he drilled to win the match!

I read elsewhere that he is planning an extended break after the US Open, back to the island, for fishing, relaxation, and then reflection on what he's accomplished this season.

I too wish Rafa minimal court time at Flushing - 6-0 sets would be nice, thank you! (grin)

sgh07 said...

congratulations Rafa! golden boy. You played really well!

Savannah said...

Watched the full ceremony on line too. That irked me but hey, he worked hard for everything he's achieved. Vamos.